Immerse yourself in the variety of the Indian continent: paradisaical beaches, adventurous treks, magnificent palaces, bustling cities, stunning landscapes, fragrant spice bazaars, relaxing Ayurvedic treatments. There is something for everyone.

Let us inspire you to your holiday into a dream vacation.

Take a look at discovering the north and stunning landscapes of superlatives conquer you while hiking or trekking the scenic beauty of the Himalayas themselves Whose spirit of adventure is still not satisfied, plunges into the "Land of Kings" - Rajasthan.

Face the south of India, discover a completely different world: idyllic and relaxing. Treat yourself to an Ayurveda cure or yoga classes with professional care and a touch of luxury.

Visit the east of India and watch one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. From Calcutta to the cool mountains of Darjeeling. Poke in Sikkim on gorgeous orchid gardens and dream in holy cities of ancient times.

Take a look to the West, you will find relaxation in Goa. With its miles of golden beaches, you will find a wide range of water sports.

Whatever your dream holiday should look, we'll show you what it all is still fascinating to do. India is a holiday destination with incredible diversity. It will win her heart and offers the ideal conditions for a dream trip.

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