Kerala as honeymoon destination is blessed with tranquil backwaters, serene beaches and fascinations hill stations. Kerala is only state in the country with all kinds of these exciting locations which are spotted near by each other. Lots of people from other metro cities in the country has chosen kerala as their honeymoon destination. In recent times people from other parts of the country has recommended kerala as a honeymoon destination to their friends and relatives. This helped kerala to become a 365 days honeymoon destination in the country.

Kerala has got a moderate tropical climate which less change in climate over the months in an year. In other states especially in northern state if it summer then the sun's heat will be at the highest level and during winter the mercury dips to sub zero. But in kerala there is not much of a drastic climate change whether it is summer or winter. This is the one reason kerala has become a prime destination for travelers from other parts of india as well as from people around the world.

Kerala's unique culture and tradition makes the state a special place for organizing marriage functions. Kerala's Hindu style marriage customs are unique in the world and lots of foreigners have reached kerala in the recent times to tie their knot from within kerala following the unique customs and rituals. After tying knot in kerala they used to spend their honeymoon in kerala from about 1 week to one month spending most of the time in the serene beaches and backwaters (houseboats) in kerala.

I tweets a lots and regular follower of kerala related especially kerala tourism a travels related tweets and updates in social media websites. Recently some of the celebrities from the entertainment and sports world have visited kerala and tweeted on their twitter profiles. They have tweeted in their profiles that their experience was great in kerala and urged their followers to visit kerala for spending their vacation. You can find more information about the celebrity visit's to kerala in the Newspaper daily Deccan Chronicle

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