The latest edition of Grand Kerala Shopping Festival (GKSF) has started on the 1st of December 2011. I think this is the 5th edition of shopping festival being celebrated in the state of kerala. In the past several years the participation of businesses and people in the shopping festival has seen tremendous and steady increase. The month of December is the appropriate time to celebration shopping festival in kerala as it is tourism season in kerala. The tourism season in kerala starts from the month of November every and extends to the month of march. During these 5 months people from other parts of india and from around the globe usually come to kerala for kerala tours. It is a big time for business establishments to generate more revenue from their businesses. This year GKSF has witnessed record participation from business establishments like never before.

With the recent dip in the value of rupee when compared to dollar, people who are visiting kerala from abroad can get quality services and add on services at a lower cost. The value of rupee when compared to previous years is much lower which in turn helps tourism industry and export businesses in India. It is expected that, considering the economic situation of the world, more foreign nationals will be visiting india and kerala during this tourism season. As more foreign nationals visits kerala it will benefit the tourism industry as well as other businesses in the state.

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