Wayanad--Muthanga wild life Sanctuary

It is located 15 kms east of sultans bathery on the Wayanad-Mysore national highway. The sanctuary muthanga wild life sanctuary is in the eastern tip of Wayanad .This is the place where the Western Ghats meets the deccan plateau.

Muthanga is one of the best places to see the Asiatic elephant-besides, the cats and deer and birds species that is found in abundance. Like most wild life sanctuary in India safari is done in morning and evenings 7.00am- 9.30 am and 3.30 to 5.00 pm.Safari is done presently by jeeps with a maximum of six persons in jeep the distance is from 12 – 22 Kms depending on the weather and road conditions. For foreigners passports are must for taking entry tickets. The best time is in the evening as mornings most times in Wayanad could be misty .It will resulting in poor visibility .Accommodation is not available in the sanctuary

Flora and fauna

Elephants ,all deer species, gaur, wild dogs, sloth bear, leopard, Tiger, Civets and jungle cats, monkeys, Malabarsquirrel, lorries, jackal, snakes , ratsnake,python ,vipers ,kingcobras,kraits, green whip snakes, tree snakes to name a few birds, peacock, orioles Kingfishers ,hornbills, indianrollers, coucal, hoophoes, darters, bulbuls-babblers, Whistling thrushes, wood peckers, minivets and more

Rare species of medicinal plants and trees, sandalwood, teaks, rosewood, a host of wild and medical shrubs and plants

There is a interpretation centre for children. Nature walks and treks are done on obtaining prior permission from the department. There is a dormatory that can hold around 40 students Nature camps are done by the department for school/college students

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