With the recent revelation of the assets held by the famous Padmanabhaswamy temple in trivandrum, kerala, especially trivandrum has become truly a God's Own Country. The assets kept within Padmanabhaswamy temple in trivandrum was an age old mystery which was revealed by officials deputed by the supreme court of India. This news concerning the temple was a breaking news in all the major newspapers and channels worldwide that itself shows the importance of that news.

After the news breakout many people from all parts of the world have started visiting the richest hindu temple in the world. Indian tour planners, the travel agent from trivandrum was closely watching those developments with regard to the temple and introduced special tour packages for visiting the temple.

We, Indian Tour Planners offers a 4 days and 3 nights tour package covering trivandrum padmanabhaswamy temple, kovalam and kanyakumari. Indian Tour Planners is also offering customized padmanabha swamy tour packages covering all destinations in kerala.

Visit the page padmanabhaswamy temple tour package for more details.
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Padmanabhaswamy temple arattu

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