South india tourism

The idyllische south of India lures with close jungle, dry levels and kilometer-long sand beaches, at which visitors are spoiled by the sun. South India is considered also as " genuine Indien" , since the own culture without effect could unfold free over centuries from the outside here. The exotic area is coined/shaped by enormous gate towers, the landmarks of the innumerable Hindu temples. They rise up out of Palmenhainen up and point to visitors already from a distance the way to the historical temple places, which one finds in Madurai, Srirangam, Mammalapuram, Thanjavur and Hampi. They load on a journey into the past and into the mysterious world of religious customs and traditions.

Kerala - popular vacation region with long sand beaches and the Backwaters

Chennai - Sri Kapaleswarar temple and San Thome

Mammallapuram - historical temple city with the world largest Flachrelief

Thanjavur - Brihadisvara temple guards sculpture from an enormous Nandi

Hampi - historical place with the famous Vittala temple

Pattadakal - Virupaksha temple Hyderabad - fifth-largest Indian city with many historical Monumenten

Puducherry - buildings in the French colonial style

Lakshadweep - which is considered to archipelago as diver and Wassersportparadies

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