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Ayurveda, translated "the science of life", is a holistic natural healing from India, seeking a perfect balance of all bodily and mental functions. The aim of Ayurveda, it is to detoxify the body using holistic therapies to rejuvenate and purify and restore the unity of body, mind and spirit.

At the start of treatment, the physician shall, using a pulse diagnosis (Nadivigyan fixed) if you are a Vata, Pitta or Kapha type. The result determines the course of the treatment and the special diet. Accroding to 5000 years old ayurveda, there are different temperaments or types, called doshas.

Vata stands for ether and air, Pitta of fire, and Kapha has its roots in earth and water. Ideally, one is a mixture of all three, but most people are not this life energy in harmony. The disturbed harmony manifests itself in restlessness, impatience, or lethargy.

The best known applications of the Ayurvedic spa includes head massage and full body massages that are performed with warm herbal oils. This includes on forehead, which should stimulate the central nervous system. Detoxifies the body in the sauna and herbal with floral and herbal baths. There are regular yoga and meditation exercises, freshly prepared Medicine and the specially tuned kurbegleitende diet.
Bowel cleansing and Panchakarma treatment

However, the applications are not always relaxing. During the Panchakarma treatment consisting of five parts in the beginning, first, all poisons are released from the body, including a colon cleansing is one means of enema. Alcohol is prohibited during an Ayurvedic spa. In order to achieve a noticeable effect, you should not miss 3 weeks treatment.

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