West of India

The west of India unites historical temple places, untouched nature, kilometer-long white sand beaches and a mixture from betriebsamer bustle & pulsating city life, whose center is in the metropolis Mumbai (early Bombay). For most travelers Mumbai is the gate to India. In the city, which " also as; Manhattan von Indien" to dip it is designated into the encouraged commercial centre with its innumerable markets, skyscrapers and objects of interest. The Federal State Goa represents a Gegenpol to the hectic city life as the most popular area of west India. Here recovery-needy holiday-makers come completely at their expense. The former Portuguese colony is thanks of their lonely langezogenen beaches at the auquamarinblauen sea a popular vacation region and very gladly in the winter months is bereist. At this season visitors enjoy the warm climate and let themselves by the sun be spoiled. Goa is valid already for years as Mekka for Aussteiger and Hippies.

Goa - vacation region with fantastic white sand beaches liked
Mumbai (Bombay) - Elephanta Caves, Hanging Gardens and gateway OF India
Ajanta - cave temples
Ellora - cave temples
Gir national park - last retreat area of the Asian lion
Sanchi - Great Stupa
Khajuraho - Kandariya Mahadeo temple famous for the Skulpturfriese with erotic motives

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