Kerala Houseboat Holidays

Known locally as "kettuvallom, houseboats in Kerala, giant wooden ship is made of wood of a tree Wild Jack. They are stitched together and covered with fish oil to ensure sustainability and make it very difficult. It took its current form, the modern adaptation of "old" and updation of rice boats, vessels lived everyday objects from home, many islands to the mainland to reduce the ferry.

Modern up to 70 feet and weighing 50 tons and bedrooms, bathrooms, terrace, kitchen, and in some cases, conference rooms, too! Houseboats are powered by a motor, but I felt the noise is minimal. Houseboats in various forms, one bedroom, two and three, four, five and ten rooms are floating, both in Alleppey and Kumarakom. Most floating now equipped with air conditioning, air cons, but it only works at night. Meals served on board consisting of local cuisine of Kerala. Breakfast, lunch, snack and lunch are included. Breakfast is usually local cuisine, and breakfast in a luxury barge continental available.

Lunch includes a delicious pieces of fish and vegetables with rice and a dinner menu is also on the basis of the local cuisine. Ideally, you should give your eating habits when booking. Houseboats are available in general, fruit, water and beer, but additional charges. Boat trips include night hikes, walks one hour. Travel options, round Alleppey, Alleppey region, covering about Alleppey and Kumarakom Kumarakom - Kumarakom Tour, which covers both the scope. Barge cruises also Thottapally near Quilon, south of Alleppey are available. Most travelers spend the night and normal cruise cruise for two stops, one stop after dinner for a short time to stop and stay.

At night, usually only on Vembanad Lake, one of the largest reservoirs in Asia, 240 square kilometers and is home to the fragile wetland ecosystem called Vembanad Kol travel at a leisurely pace, and it is a good way to give the area and people living together to explore the stagnant water. Children walk to school, women in the local market on foot, men and women working in rice fields, countries will ship everyday things, sounds of music temples and churches, cormorants and sunbathing are solitary, cruise along the common vision, compared with the topography of green palm, making the journey of a lifetime. Take a cruise on a residential neighborhood of a point, the major Indian holiday travel!

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