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Kerala, located on the southwestern tip of India, has a unique geographical location, one of the most popular in Asia. Affectionately known in his own country of God, "Kerala has been selected as National Geographic Traveller as one of 50 destinations in life, and one of the thirteen heavens of the world.

mild weather, tranquil beaches, quiet stagnant areas, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife of the main attractions of this country. A unique advantage in Kerala, which occupies the largest of the three fifty-eight hours each other.

traditional forms of art, colorful festivals, unique cuisine, some of the cultural wonders that await visitors. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine and Panchakarma, rejuvenation therapy, Ayurveda in Kerala and helped win the Pan-Global reputation as a top model goals.

In Kerala, the season never ends, thanks to mild weather of the year, and many festivals and other events.

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