Travel to Goa India

An emerald sprinkled in the border to the west of India. The paradise of a extended mountains, long running rivers, ebullient fields… miles of virgin beaches… Goa has of everything! With his beaches green sea breams of the light of the sun, mountains, waterways, cascades and Lagos of silver, Goa always it has been a singular place with an enormous potential of tourism and an incomparable mixture of the cultures Indian and Portuguese.

The sand of goa are in the spirit of the time, bathed in the heat, and washed in the waves. The colors of the life transform soon to the shining yellow an ardent orange and to the blue mysterious-and oxidized one becoming a thoughtful one. The poetry of the life comes to light in a combination from celebration-celebrating the joy to be in the place that is called Goa. During centuries, Goa has been fed on dynasties and religions-Mauryas, Kadambas, Yadavas, Chalukyas, Dravidianos, Aryans and sultanes of Delhi.

Every period back left an incredible mark in sands of Goa. Collage of the Portuguese architecture, the Eastern wealth is mixed in a culture that is the one of Goa. Goa this equipped with the coast of almost 100 kilometers. The pristine beaches against the swaying coconut trees seduce the tourists with their attractive waters of celestial blue color. Although the beaches of Calangute, Vagator, Anjuna and Baga are part of the same coast, each is distinguished by its natural beauty and its temperament. There is an extensive variety of places where to stay themselves and to eat according to what it wants to spend one.

The point of the activity has changed of Calangute, that was the paradise of the sixty, to the Vague beach of alongside. The Anjuna beach is famous by the small market that takes place Wednesdays and their capacity to attract all type of tourists, domestic or foreign travelers. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, who was constructed in century XVI, is the most famous church of Goa. The mortal rest of santo Francis Xavier are kept in this church dedicated to the infant Jesus. Aside from the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the Church of Our Lady of Rosary, the Cathedral with their 14 splendid altars and the convent of santo Francis de Assisi is other wonderful places.

But Goa is blessed one by the Hindu Gods also. The well-known temples include the one of Shri Shanta Durga, Shri Mangeshi, Shri Saptakoteshwar and Tambdi Surla. The temple of Mahadeva in Tambdi Surla is the unique example of the architecture of Kadamba Yadava of century XIII in Basalt.

Sea voyages and other Santa Monica pastimes are the most famous cruise of the Mandovi river. Goa counts on a mineral water source in Pomburpa near Aldona, a typical town of Goa, at where it is possible to be arrived in a cruise. One can enjoy the water sports in Do6na Paula, who is to 7 kilometers of the Panaji capital. In addition, Do6na Paula has a wonderful view of the estuary and the port of Mormugao. To 60 kilometers of Panaji are the cascades of Dudhsagar that fall to hundreds of feet, forming one of the richest systems of the ecology.

Three days to the year, Goa is put under the spirit of joy and celebrations when the Carnival takes place. The inhabitants of Goa celebrate the Carnival, to whom they inherited of the Portuguese, with dances, music, food and celebrations and pass parades in all the great villages. During the Carnival, that takes place in February generally, all people used to dance in the streets irrespective of the type of travelers. In other festivals also the presence of the racially mixed culture of Goa can be felt. The dances as the Kunbi and the Control are alive examples of this fusion of the cultures Eastern and western with the predominance of the music of the west and the movements of the east.

Food in Goa is extremely appetizing and for each that is Xacuti Chicken, or Sorpatel Pig, or Prawn Balchao-is plates that a tourist must try during his stay in Goa. Aside from seafood that can be found anywhere of Goa, this city offers of the best restaurants of Chinese food, punjabi, continental, and of the south of India and of course Portuguese. And the Feni of cashew and the Feni de Coconut Palm complete the experience wonderful to have dinner in Goa. Although he is in favor famous of everybody, to take Feni is a unique experience of Goa. He is strong, it has a different aroma, and one does not have to lose it.

In November the high season began here. It is most beautiful between November and March, if the smallest Indian Federal State - as large as Saarland - recovered from the monsoon rain. The coast Goas is 100 km long and in the proud possession of some the most beautiful beaches of the world. But thus not enough: Impressive rock coasts, discreet bays and broad M├╝ndungsdeltas make the picture complete. Not in vain the former Portuguese colony earned itself the surname „Indian Riviera “. Is by the special mixture from European and Indian tradition and remains Goa an unmistakable delightful vacation goal.

Ayurveda in India

Ayurveda, translated "the science of life", is a holistic natural healing from India, seeking a perfect balance of all bodily and mental functions. The aim of Ayurveda, it is to detoxify the body using holistic therapies to rejuvenate and purify and restore the unity of body, mind and spirit.

At the start of treatment, the physician shall, using a pulse diagnosis (Nadivigyan fixed) if you are a Vata, Pitta or Kapha type. The result determines the course of the treatment and the special diet. Accroding to 5000 years old ayurveda, there are different temperaments or types, called doshas.

Vata stands for ether and air, Pitta of fire, and Kapha has its roots in earth and water. Ideally, one is a mixture of all three, but most people are not this life energy in harmony. The disturbed harmony manifests itself in restlessness, impatience, or lethargy.

The best known applications of the Ayurvedic spa includes head massage and full body massages that are performed with warm herbal oils. This includes on forehead, which should stimulate the central nervous system. Detoxifies the body in the sauna and herbal with floral and herbal baths. There are regular yoga and meditation exercises, freshly prepared Medicine and the specially tuned kurbegleitende diet.
Bowel cleansing and Panchakarma treatment

However, the applications are not always relaxing. During the Panchakarma treatment consisting of five parts in the beginning, first, all poisons are released from the body, including a colon cleansing is one means of enema. Alcohol is prohibited during an Ayurvedic spa. In order to achieve a noticeable effect, you should not miss 3 weeks treatment.

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Ayurveda Treatment in India

Ayurveda is the oldest holistic healing system of humanity and is first-rate as a lifestyle and a to understand preventive medical system, receiving the people healthy and prevent disease is looking for. If a Disease occurred, offers Ayurveda, especially for chronic conditions, varied assistance. It is always the human being as holistic individual treatment and not only focuses on the disease.

The knowledge of Ayurveda comes from the Vedic civilization. It was over a long period in Sanskrit, the Indian Learned language, handed down orally, before in time - here are different opinions of experts. The Sanskrit word Ayurveda is composed of Ayu and Veda. Ayus means life, Veda means knowledge. Ayurveda literally translated, means "science of life" the knowledge of long and healthy life.

In Ayurveda, healthy means being more than the absence of disease. After the Sushruta Samhita, one of the most important traditional Ayurvedic compendia in the learned language of Sanskrit, which still today the basis for training and healer forms, one is healthy when the doshas are in balance, a good appetite is there, body tissues and Metabolites are balanced and consciousness, mind and senses are full of happiness.

Ayurveda places the entire people in the field of view. This body and mind are as one entity, the soul, individual life circumstances and the environment. The basis is the constitution at birth (Prakriti) which determines the physician, and the three bio-energies (doshas), Vata, Pitta and Kapha in their respective balance the individual. They are found in the whole organism in the body shape and external characteristics, as well as in the behavior again.

Ayurveda is one of the World Health Organisation recognized natural medicine, which is the whole man in his Individuality takes. An Ayurvedic physician takes time for his patients. An Ayurvedic diagnosis is left for the Seeking help to understand. With it he finds a plausible description of him from one to him until then unknown perspective, that of the doshas.

Ayurvedic massage techniques are versatile. There are relaxing, energizing, revitalizing, and relaxing, invigorating massage. In the technique, it is important, what is the goal, but also whether the It brought out polluting substances from the body or the body would be fed to? There are massages to run flat and those aimed at vital points. In addition, there are many strings and Printing techniques. Moreover, a role also, if the massage is running slow or fast. Everything has its special effect, and these relationships have to know the masseuse or therapist. An example is a special massage technique that dates back to the Kalari, an ancient martial art of South India. The knowledge at Kalari was secret. The training in this technique takes a very long tradition and was until recently only selected students made accessible. There are reasons to because the vital points there are Mortalpunkte - both must know the masseuse know and to distinguish accurately.

Traditionally, learning the martial arts is a prerequisite for the massage training. Often, even yoga to Lehrreife required and only then is the preparation for the actual years of training in massage techniques.

Ayurvedic masseurs and therapists must have knowledge about the product. Oil is not like oil. It comes in Ayurveda significantly out of which herbs are contained in the oils. There are oils that are completely for spa treatments sufficient, but once more it is intended not suffice. There are oils, suitable for all three types of constitution and there are those to the strong or too weak to offset Dosha help.

It does not even need its oil. There are massage with herbal powders. In the spa, they may have a peeling effect they still apply to medical treatments. Sense of such a dry massage with crushed herbs, it is the to increase capacity of the skin for the subsequent oil. There are also massages with completely differently filled Linen bag - depending on the effect may be: cooked rice to an herbal or milk, or is it pure Herbal extracts, with or without oil.

The State of west Bengal, which reaches of the Himalayas up to the gulf of Bengal, reflects the variety of east India. The east draws by the connection of mountains and sea, as well as the contrast between close city life, like it in the metropolis Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) to find is and lonely ideal landscapes out. These lie predominantly in the easternmost states of India, which " also as; Seven Sisters" are designated. To visitors is offered there the possibilities on Trekking tours numerous national park and protected areas with its snow-covered mountain summits, pictorial seas, scintillating meadows in full green and the species-rich Flora and fauna. For plant lovers is the Flora Arunachal Pradesh is of special interest. There one finds over 600 Orchids, among them some extremely rare ones. Recovery of completely different kind is offered further south. There visitors here can make both vacation of Bengal and visit historical temple places in the interior.
Kolkata (Calcutta) - metropolis in the colonial style with museums worth seeing encouraged
Sundarbans Life Sanctuary - homeland of the Bengali tiger
Puri - Jagganath temple
Konark - Soraya temple; the famous sun temple is called because of its color also Black Pagoda
Bodh Gaya - most important buddhistische pilgrim place with Mahabodhi temple and Bodhi Tree Kaziranga national park - habitat of the Indian Wildlife
Darjeeling - Hillstation and well-known area of cultivation of tea
Manas national park - Bengali tiger, black Panther.

West of India

The west of India unites historical temple places, untouched nature, kilometer-long white sand beaches and a mixture from betriebsamer bustle & pulsating city life, whose center is in the metropolis Mumbai (early Bombay). For most travelers Mumbai is the gate to India. In the city, which " also as; Manhattan von Indien" to dip it is designated into the encouraged commercial centre with its innumerable markets, skyscrapers and objects of interest. The Federal State Goa represents a Gegenpol to the hectic city life as the most popular area of west India. Here recovery-needy holiday-makers come completely at their expense. The former Portuguese colony is thanks of their lonely langezogenen beaches at the auquamarinblauen sea a popular vacation region and very gladly in the winter months is bereist. At this season visitors enjoy the warm climate and let themselves by the sun be spoiled. Goa is valid already for years as Mekka for Aussteiger and Hippies.

Goa - vacation region with fantastic white sand beaches liked
Mumbai (Bombay) - Elephanta Caves, Hanging Gardens and gateway OF India
Ajanta - cave temples
Ellora - cave temples
Gir national park - last retreat area of the Asian lion
Sanchi - Great Stupa
Khajuraho - Kandariya Mahadeo temple famous for the Skulpturfriese with erotic motives

Tourist Place in South India

The idyllische south of India lures with close jungle, dry levels and kilometer-long sand beaches, at which visitors are spoiled by the sun. South India is considered also as " genuine Indien" , since the own culture without effect could unfold free over centuries from the outside here. The exotic area is coined/shaped by enormous gate towers, the landmarks of the innumerable Hindu temples. They rise up out of Palmenhainen up and point to visitors already from a distance the way to the historical temple places, which one finds in Madurai, Srirangam, Mammalapuram, Thanjavur and Hampi. They load on a journey into the past and into the mysterious world of religious customs and traditions.
Kerala - popular vacation region with long sand beaches and the Backwaters
Chennai - Sri Kapaleswarar temple and San Thome
Mammallapuram - historical temple city with the world largest Flachrelief
Thanjavur - Brihadisvara temple guards sculpture from an enormous Nandi
Hampi - historical place with the famous Vittala temple
Pattadakal - Virupaksha temple Hyderabad - fifth-largest Indian city with many historical Monumenten
Puducherry - buildings in the French colonial style
Lakshadweep - which is considered to archipelago as diver and Wassersportparadies

North India Travel

In the north of India shows up a majority of those varieties, which makes the subcontinent India so singular. With the Himalayas are not only there the highest summits of the earth, but also untouched nature in the form of sumptuous meadows, rushing rivers, the steep ravines fall down themselves and a various Flora and fauna, which can be explored in numerous national park. The north is a true Paradies for nature-connected and active holiday-makers, which enjoy Trekking, Rafting and winter sports. North India has to offer however also historical and cultural objects of interest: The north is considered as temple and palace region. Between the Thar desert and the course level the holiest places of the Hinduismus and Buddhismus, numerous palaces lie from the time of the Maharadschas, the colonially coined/shaped capital New Delhi and the world-famous Taj Mahal.

Places of Travel Interest in Northern India

New Delhi - talk away and viktorianische buildings
Agra - Taj Mahal and Agra away
Varanasi - holiest city of the Hinduismus on the bank of the course
Rajasthan - country of the Maharajas with numerous fortress towns
Jaipur - buildings from blow-red sandstone (Pink town center)
Amritsar - golden temple
Fatehpur Sikri - historical architectural monuments with large palace plant Chandigarh - modern plan city
Hillstations - Kulu, Manali, Shimla, Nainital and Mussoorie
Corbett national park - oldest national park of India

Travel Within India

India covers the largest part of the Indian subcontinent. In the north the Himalaya forms a natural border and in the south continues to enclose the Indian ocean the state. Neighbour states of India are Pakistan, China (Tibet), Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), Bhutan and Bangladesh. The many people state with almost 1,2 billion Inhabitants is the largest democracy on earth. The different cultures and traditions of numerous peoples and religion affected each other over thousands of years mutually, but although retains its self-sufficiency.

Discover the multicoloredness India on your dream journey. The enormous variety of India offers something for almost any taste: Fantastic beaches, impressive landscapes, smelling bazaars, bold Trekking - routes, restless towns with millions of inhabitants, much history and culture and Wellness - enjoy you an unforgettable dream vacation in India. In India is hardly somewhat like that, as one expects it. It constantly meets you the unexpected, which appears constantly and everywhere in bizarre forms.

India is as well known a safe tourist country. The trip with a borrowing car in the left-hand traffic and Indian traffic on Indian roads is actually only which for professionals. For shorter distances it into one of the everywhere visible autorikshas to probably enter, for their use European according to experience and entitled another tariff pay;) The price level in the developing country is clearly under. The currency is the Indian Rupie (R-S). Notes to 500 or 1,000 Rupien are hardly accepted. 1 EURO are approximately 60 Rupien . Here you find a current Umrechner. In middle class a restaurant for a meal approximately 100 Rupien are required (conditions 2007). We recommend to right after change for the arrival at the airport a larger sum cash and a receipt to be issued be able, because an import of Rupien is not permitted. In large cities credit cards are accepted usually, thus receive you possibly also cash advances in Rupien. With a EC-map (Bankomatkarte, Maestro) do not get in India nearly anywhere cash. In the many people state with several religions there are accordingly many habits and habits.

The left hand is not valid in India as impure, from there under any circumstances also left on other persons shows or meals on passes. The traditional Indian greeting: Palms before the chest together-put to bend, the head forward and say „Namaste “. That is called „good day “, fits however always, also at night. The head is in India the seat of the soul, therefore one should stroke never Indian children over the hair or affect adults above the neck. With the table customs you should back-screw your expectations in India, it are considered as completely normal after the meal to out-spit or the throat area to well visibly clean themselves. Photographing of airports, stations and military plants is not permitted. Also in many temples or archaeological places the camera may not be gez├╝ckt, sometimes gives it a permission - however only against cash. Take the shoes off, if you enter temples or private houses. Dealers are used to it, if at the price one haggles correctly.

Package Tours in India

India is a beautiful country and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country has great tourism vacationers an opportunity to holiday in India, a quality accommodation. This beautiful country has many exciting directions a wonderful holiday in his life admitted variety of experiences. Discover some of the major holidays in India.

Rajasthan - Rajasthan, the largest state of India, one of the main tourist destinations in India, great opportunities for tourism, and excellent facilities, historic towns, and the only opportunity. Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ranthambhore, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Mandawa, Mount Abu, etc., the cities most popular and attractive of Rajasthan, known for a wonderful holiday in India. Almost every city in the state dotted with magnificent castles and palaces, historic monuments and cultural heritage. Lake Palace, Neemrana Fort Palace, Devigarh Palace, Jal Mahal Palace, Fort Mandwa Castillo, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Lalgarh Palace, Pushkar Palace, Gajner Palace, Rambagh, Samode Palace, Samode Haveli, etc. are among the most popular attractions in the statement of assets are now luxurious palace hotels. These hotels offer excellent conditions for accommodation and world class real treatment. Thus, you'll love your vacation in India, Rajasthan, I'm sure.

Himachal Pradesh - at the foot of the majestic Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most charming and captivating states of India. Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Dalhousie, Kasauli, Dharamshala, etc., are popular places in Himachal Pradesh on a wonderful holiday in India known. These objectives are at the top and the mountain resort of the most picturesque in India, offers a style very well and healthy environment with Cool completely. Tourists have the possibility, in some adventure sports like rafting, skating, skiing, heli-skiing, climbing, enjoy climbing, etc.

Goa - Goa is the smallest state of India. Is synonymous with vacation in India. Not a holiday with its beautiful beaches, magnificent monuments, churches and monasteries, and most complex buildings and the Portuguese people. Palolem, Dona Paula, Bogmalo, Anjuna, Aguada, Chapora, Mobor, Calangute, Baga, Colva, Benaulim, Cavelossim, etc., are among the most popular beaches of Goa, surrounded by palm trees, coconut palms. The beaches of Goa, to create the ideal atmosphere for holiday fun in India. You also have the possibility of some of the great monuments like forts, palaces, churches and monasteries and temples during your stay in Goa, to visit India.

Kerala - If you are perfect and well, which led him to leave India, the beautiful state of Kerala, popularly known as the land of God. Today, Kerala has become the most visited destination in India. It attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches, lagoons, breathtaking, green jade mountain resorts, luxury accommodation, hill stations, Ayurveda Resorts, etc. Kovalam, Varkala, Mararikulam, Fort Kochi, Alleppey, Kumarakom, the weather etc. Kerala in key positions in many tours in India.

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Package Holidays to Kerala

Magic of Kerala and the captivating beauty attracts tourists and nature lovers throughout the country and the world. Kerala is famous for its pristine beaches, palm fringed and decorated with silver sand. Another specialty is breathtaking backwaters, which are not like anywhere else in the world can be. You can discover the charm of the property on his own experience, travel by boat or stay on top of the tree house. Its verdant hill stations, wildlife, national parks, beautiful lakes, thundering waterfalls, art and architecture, beautiful cities, traditional villages and generous people make all of Kerala is one of the favorite places tourists. Even if you plan to visit at any time of year, but his best Kerala celebrates Onam festival. Entire state in the atmosphere, the festival of decorated boats guidance channels, lakes and streams. There is a bit of Ayurveda and Spa Treatment Center. And they should not forget to keep an Ayurvedic treatment center or spa to rejuvenate.

Kerala is a paradise on earth and is rightly called the "Land of God." This is an ideal place for nature lovers, families on vacation and honeymoon. The activities in the beautiful beaches Kerala, how to get experience, invited to work in his life.

Kerala is one of the most peaceful states in India. It is located in the extreme southwest of the Indian peninsula. It is bordered by the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea, on the other side. The State may, in the mountains, valleys and plains and coasts Midland divided.

Also known as Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. It is a wonderful city and magnificent on the coast. It is built on seven hills, and ancient cities, with the support of the tradition in 1000 in British Columbia. Some key points in temples, palaces, zoos, art gallery, museum, golf course, and home to major educational institutions.

Munnar is the Kashmir of South India is well known that, at 1600 m altitude. Green Hills and tea plantations of coffee and decorated with the vision quest. Munnar offers a heavenly feeling, with a thick fog that surrounds half of the plantations. The surrounding mountains provide spectacular view.There also several waterfalls and trails for the adventurous tourist.

Wayanad Reserve:
Wayanad is a popular place for Hill and Kerala called "natural is better." It is a known sanctuary for wildlife and the perfect place for wild elephants in the area. It is this mountain resort a nice view and peaceful.

Kovalam, meaning "grove of coconut palms, just 10 km from the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Kovalam is actually a combination of three small beaches. In the foregoing, South Beach-Lighthouse Beach, is the busiest beach of Kovalam. Earlier this beach, Kovalam is a paradise for fishermen. He still has a few small villages, a few miles, belonging to the fishing community. Gradually, this beach of Kovalam has become a tourist attraction

Periyar Reserve
Periyar reserve is situated on the banks of the Periyar lake - an artificial lake, located in Thekkady. Here the high ranges of Western Ghats rainforest evergreen and deciduous savannah grasslands dress. Following this thick green canopy roam herds of elephants, sambar, tiger, lion-tailed macaques, Nilgiri langurs and gaur.
In addition to elephant rides, cruises on the lake and head towards the temple in ruins Mangaladevi - a beautiful stone church located in the heart of the Thekkady forest, this sanctuary offers the unique opportunity to observe and photograph the elephants Wild closely.

In Kerala, houseboats known Kettuvalloms. Boats of all shapes and sizes, which have traditionally been the main mode of transportation between the two, for which material and antiquity. Thatch covers the trunk of the tree. 100 feet in length, offers protection against the elements. An easy way to use boats to travel alone. For the royal family, even these boats have comfortable seats.

This is known as the Venice of the East is called. Stagnant waters are surrounded by exotic Arabian Sea, has blocked a number of canals and bridges, this small market is also famous for its Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held each year. Alappuzha attracts tourists not only for its beauty, but also its locally made products, coconut is very high quality

This is the famous backwater destination of Kerala. It is located 12 km from Kottayam. Kumarakom is a challenging, fascinating paradise, located on the shores of beautiful Lake Vembanad. It also offers boating, fishing and tourism experiences that are a source of inspiration. Thin coconut constant everywhere, and there is poetic script. Here you will find many traditional handicrafts or house, boats, boats and canoes.

Ananthapur (Trivandrum)
tourists Anathapuri beautiful, one of the most popular places for a couple of years. It is two hours drive from the city, this place is beautiful beaches, great views at dawn and dusk.

Silent Valley National Park:
Located 40 km from Mannarkkad Silent Valley is very fragile, a tropical evergreen forests apply to Ecuador and slats to keep the summer rains in Kerala causes. Silent Valley National Park covers an area of 90 square kilometers in the north-east. It increases sharply in the Nilgiri Plateau in the north and overlooking the plains in the south Mannarkkad.


Kerala is ideally to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. There are many luxury hotels suites feature interior design and modern convenience and comfort, no doubt, will lead this country to God.

Kerala has a distinctive cuisine, very rare and different from the rest of India. Cooking in Kerala all the discoveries of flavors and colors. Kerala cuisine is very hot and spicy and offers several gastronomic opportunities that are ready to experience the local cuisine.

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Houseboat Holidays in Kerala

Kerala is one of the most beautiful walks and scenic and travel destination in India. It is with great natural beauty, has picturesque ponds, virgin palm fringed beaches, spas and ayurvedic resorts, exotic locations are major tourist attractions. Affectionately called the country of God in this beautiful Indian state is known, one of the most popular tourist destinations of international tourists in general. Every year, tourists from around the world from this state, to explore its natural beauty and splendor of kearla houseboats.

Kerala is famous for its scenic backwaters, which are the basis of Kerala Tourism known. Its beauty, grandeur, glory and beauty has no analogues can hardly be described in words. Most tourists come to Kerala on vacation love to enjoy their free time to spend your stay in the boat and cruise along the beautiful destinations tub. It is an ideal place for honeymooners, holidayers, tourists, travelers and nature lovers. Visit Kerala and enjoy the splendor of the portfolio, no one has found, where else in the world.

Kerala residential cruise is best to use for a luxury accommodation, you'll see a lavish lifestyle while the gallery housing supply. Kumarakom, Alleppey and Kovalam internationally recognized refuges offer tourists an ideal beauty and unforgettable. On the banks of the pond, there are a lot of luxury floating is always ready for a cruise ship offers tourists beautiful people of Kerala coconut and natural beauty, than to enjoy refreshing.

Kumarakom on the southern coast of India is well balanced tropical climate. The nature of its magic to perfection, especially in a haven of beauty is wonderful. Accommodation Kumarakom cruise not only offers a refreshing vision of natural beauty, but also traditional animation, no doubt, that will steal your heart with wonder and magnificence. vacation package in the boat at Kumarakom offers worldwide experience in Kumarakom.

In addition, there are several other areas in Kerala, and cruise and cruise worth unforgettable. Kasargod, Kollam, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Kochi, Kuttanad, Thiruvallam, Thiruvananthapuram, and so on, other areas of scenic backwaters of Kerala. Cochin is the glory, and is known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea are known. Most of the Kerala backwaters tour starts and ends here in Cochin. In this beautiful harbor, you see, to care for most pools of loans Kerala Houseboat cruise ship in the world of wonder that visitors and tourists a unique experience for his career.

Come to Kerala in India to offer and enjoy the trip back pressure in the scenic backwater areas of the world to assess new experience. Visit this state once he was sure that you love to come again and again his name in the pool, and fortunately the natural beauty.

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Backwater and Houseboats in Kerala

Kerala, also known under the name as God's Own Country, is now a major attraction for tourists and holidaymakers in India and across the world. The southernmost state of Kerala is famous for its enchanting backwaters, beaches, entertainment and Ayurvedic Resorts, Ayurvedic massage center, gas stations, green hills, rich in flora and fauna, colorful events and festivals the world famous race boats, cruise residential, historical and religious monuments and art alive. It attracts travelers and tourists around the world for their amazing discoveries. This beautiful land of India will never be able to attract visitors with its beauty. And the beauty of Kerala, a written description. But understand this may be when you visit, because it is a land of many charms.

These days, Kerala has become popular worldwide as a wildfire spread rapidly from large pools of quiet and picturesque. Kerala is the soul, God, Homeland AOC itself. It is a network of several picturesque ponds as lakes, canals, lakes, canals, rivers, bays, estuaries and deltas of 44 rivers flowing into the blue of the Arabian Sea. Travelers and tourists from around the world come here to enjoy the enchanting backwaters of Kerala tourism. Backwaters are an excellent example of the ecosystem of the self-system. Travelers have the opportunity to see many young aquatic flora and fauna creatures. If you love nature, or to come to India for green tourism and eco-tourism, in my opinion, Kerala for you. Of course, you will have the unique experience of life.

There are several backwater destinations in the state, referring to tourists from around the world for tourism and natural tourism tub. Alleppey, Kochi, Kuttanad, Kollam, Kumarakom, Kozhikode, Thiruvallam, Trivandrum, etc are among the most popular tourist destinations in the God of turmoil, the WCA itself. The easiest and most comfortable to discover the pleasures of sailing aboard a tourist cruise. Passage of a stay in luxury accommodation (traditionally called Kettuvallam) is the most interesting experience and joyful backwater tourism in Kerala. Cruising Kollam about eight hours, tourists can come to Alleppey (now known as Alappuzha). Alleppey offers breathtaking views and spectacular snake boat races and lush green rice fields.

Alleppey is the starting point for discovering the beauty of the AOC's most beautiful landscapes of God in his own country. The traveler feels the joy of heaven, entering into a quiet pool and picturesque country boat, canoe or luxury accommodation. Alleppey floating to provide tourists a unique life experience. Fort Kochi, Kozhikode, Kuttanad, Kumarakom, Thiruvallam, Trivandrum, etc. haven of peace and other beautiful places known for its unique natural beauty, regattas, cruises, Kerala Houseboat, backwater tourism, canoeing, fishing, etc. In Kochi tourists have the chance to see the most famous natural picturesque harbors in the world next to the tourist paradise. City wonderful fusion of tradition and modernity. The Chinese fishing nets are very popular among tourists and vacationers. So they start their journey toward God, Country AOC possess and use the boat to stop, floating on the stagnant waters tranquil and picturesque.

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Honeymoon Package to Kerala

Purpose Tour Honeymoon in Kerala (God's own country) in India? Good! Do you have a vacation for your honeymoon in India have chosen. Kerala, no doubt, will surprise you and your heart treasures. They are a big part of this place with beautiful beaches, peaceful canals, Green Hill stations, historical monuments, luxury homes, close to Ayurveda, entertainment and sports, beautiful lakes, etc. Although, in assessing the number of destinations in Kerala, Munnar is but one of the goals that are best suited honeymoon. Munnar is one of the mountain resorts of the most beautiful and popular in the country, God is often called the Kashmir of South India because of exceptional natural beauty and an atmosphere of peace and coolness. Definitely a trip honeymoon in Munnar feeling, charm and captivated.

While Munnar in Kerala as part of their honeymoon, you can enjoy the fantastic nature, fresh air and scent the air and lush tea plantations of spices. Besides the natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere, you also have the opportunity, some of the other attractions and Munnar. Here are some of the most popular attractions and the picturesque hills of the city want to visit, explore and enjoy their holiday honeymoon in Kerala, God's country.

Echo Point - Echo Point is a short distance of 15 km from Munnar is. It consists of a small hill next to many beautiful mountains. If you are a strong appeal among these hills, do a lot of times through the mountains back in the region. Then, take the child to Echo Point and experience its magic. To say that I love you for your spouse and get the sound I love you. Of course, I'd be very romantic experience. Many of the proposals on their honeymoon in Kerala including Munnar Echo Point, in their itineraries. Echo Point is very popular among tourists and honeymooners.

Anamudi Peak - This is the highest mountain south of the Himalayas. Put on your head and shoulders above the popular National Park Eravikulam Munnar. love to honeymoon in the ridge road well.

Eravikulam National Park is one of the most popular attractions and must visit Munnar. During their honeymoon in Kerala tour will also visit the famous love this National Park Munnar. Park better than the national park is known Rajamalai. It is located 45 minutes from Munnar. In addition to the spectacle of nature in the park, and also the possibility of hiking in the mountains and Anamudi Rajamalai peak.

Chinn reserve Mattupetty dams, lakes Kundala, Tata Tea Museum, tea plantations and spice plantations, etc. and some other attractions Munnar, cooperation in South Kashmir.

Now, choose the right plan Munnar Kerala Honeymoon coverage and do not let anyone Munnar Munnar attractions at your leisure.

Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages

Kerala Houseboat Holidays

Known locally as "kettuvallom, houseboats in Kerala, giant wooden ship is made of wood of a tree Wild Jack. They are stitched together and covered with fish oil to ensure sustainability and make it very difficult. It took its current form, the modern adaptation of "old" and updation of rice boats, vessels lived everyday objects from home, many islands to the mainland to reduce the ferry.

Modern up to 70 feet and weighing 50 tons and bedrooms, bathrooms, terrace, kitchen, and in some cases, conference rooms, too! Houseboats are powered by a motor, but I felt the noise is minimal. Houseboats in various forms, one bedroom, two and three, four, five and ten rooms are floating, both in Alleppey and Kumarakom. Most floating now equipped with air conditioning, air cons, but it only works at night. Meals served on board consisting of local cuisine of Kerala. Breakfast, lunch, snack and lunch are included. Breakfast is usually local cuisine, and breakfast in a luxury barge continental available.

Lunch includes a delicious pieces of fish and vegetables with rice and a dinner menu is also on the basis of the local cuisine. Ideally, you should give your eating habits when booking. Houseboats are available in general, fruit, water and beer, but additional charges. Boat trips include night hikes, walks one hour. Travel options, round Alleppey, Alleppey region, covering about Alleppey and Kumarakom Kumarakom - Kumarakom Tour, which covers both the scope. Barge cruises also Thottapally near Quilon, south of Alleppey are available. Most travelers spend the night and normal cruise cruise for two stops, one stop after dinner for a short time to stop and stay.

At night, usually only on Vembanad Lake, one of the largest reservoirs in Asia, 240 square kilometers and is home to the fragile wetland ecosystem called Vembanad Kol travel at a leisurely pace, and it is a good way to give the area and people living together to explore the stagnant water. Children walk to school, women in the local market on foot, men and women working in rice fields, countries will ship everyday things, sounds of music temples and churches, cormorants and sunbathing are solitary, cruise along the common vision, compared with the topography of green palm, making the journey of a lifetime. Take a cruise on a residential neighborhood of a point, the major Indian holiday travel!

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Kearla Traveling

Kerala, located on the southwestern tip of India, has a unique geographical location, one of the most popular in Asia. Affectionately known in his own country of God, "Kerala has been selected as National Geographic Traveller as one of 50 destinations in life, and one of the thirteen heavens of the world.

mild weather, tranquil beaches, quiet stagnant areas, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife of the main attractions of this country. A unique advantage in Kerala, which occupies the largest of the three fifty-eight hours each other.

traditional forms of art, colorful festivals, unique cuisine, some of the cultural wonders that await visitors. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine and Panchakarma, rejuvenation therapy, Ayurveda in Kerala and helped win the Pan-Global reputation as a top model goals.

In Kerala, the season never ends, thanks to mild weather of the year, and many festivals and other events.

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