Santacruz Cathedral Kochi Kerala India

The Cathedral of Santa Cruz does not only happen to be one of the oldest churches in Cochin, but also throughout India. Counted as one of the buildings heritage of Kerala, this church is visited by tourists throughout the year. E 'was built by the first Portuguese Viceroy, Francisco de Almeida, when he came back to Kochi in 1505. On 3 May of that year, during the feast of the"Invention of the Holy Cross ", the first stone of this church was laid and upon completion, has been dubbed the Cathedral of Santa Cruz.

Later, when the Dutch conquered Cochin in 1663, they have ruined all the Catholic institutions, except this particular cathedral and the famous church of San Francesco. In those days, the Cathedral of Santa Cruz was used as a deposit. E 'state, however, later destroyed in 1795, after the British have over the city. A pillar of granite to produce this monumental cathedral was what remained after the destruction of the Cathedral of Santa Cruz. The pillar is still kept in a corner of the south-east of the present Basilica.

At present, the Cathedral of Santa Cruz is one of eight churches in India. Recently, in 2004, this cathedral completed his five centuries of existence. The architecture of the basilica is a blend of Indo-European and the Gothic style. The realization of the pulpit and the wood trim of this cathedral is very impressive. Moreover, the Italian paintings dating from the time of the founding of the church that adorn the interior of the Basilica of Santa Cruz to give a look and feel great.

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