Red Fort of India

Red Fort was built in 1648 the Mughal emperor Shahjahan. There are more than five hundred buildings in the fort. This fort was used as the administrative center for the Mughal emperors. In part, the fort is located on the street Chatto Chowk, intended for the royal ladies to buy their favorites. Shahjahan demolished many sandstone buildings and building marble palaces in their place. Peacock Throne of Shahjahan is located in the marble palace here. Every year, celebrated Independence Day color in the Red Fort. In particular, Red Fort demonstrates the architectural style of the Mughal emperors.

Red Fort, Shah Jahan's elegant citadel in red sandstone, was built on the west bank of the river Yamuna. Shahjahan, started construction of this massive fort in 1638, when he moved the capital from Agra to Delhi. The fort was completed along with the great city Shajahanabad after nine years of 16 dubna 1648th Sandstone fort with a large audience halls, marble palaces, once embedded with precious stones, market place, where they used to charge shop, mosque, gardens with marbled fountains, plazas, spas, etc.

The largest of old Delhi's sights are Lal Quila, Or Red Fort, the thick walls of red sandstone, which with rounded turrets and bastions, have withstood the vagaries of time and nature. Lal Quila rises above a wide dry moat in the northeast corner of the original city Shahjahanabad. Its walls extend up to two kilometers, and vary in height from 18 meters to the river side to 33 meters per side.

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