Qutab Minar History

The oldest monument in Delhi built by Qutb-ub-din Aibak in 1196 AD. It was a six-storied tower with a nice dome on top. There are 379 steps to reach the top. Minar was at a height of 91 meters was built but now, when only 73.5 meters due to injury coused with backlight. This is a victory memorial dynasty Islam. Minar was composed of sandstone, except in the upper floor, which is made from white marble. Diameter of 14.3 meters on the top of the base decreases to reach 2.7 meters. Beautiful inscriptions of verses from the Koran can be seen inside Minar. Glitter western sculpture attracts numerous tourists to Qutb Minar.

Qutubuddin Aibak laid the foundation for the Qutab Minar, as a victory tower in 1199 AD. Initially, it rose to the height 72.5 m. This is undoubtedly one of the finest stone tower in India and one of the most important landmarks in Delhi. Iltutmish, son-in-law and successor Qutubuddin, has completed construction. Nearby, you can see the ruins of a Tomb of Iltutmish. He built it in 1235 AD, at the time of their lives, and profusely decorated interior, using calligraphy. The tower tapers from the base of 14.32 m to 2.75 m at the top and have 20 years to complete

Built in red sandstone, the tower sports inscriptions of verses from the Holy Quran and some intricate carvings. We can also see the ruins of the city called embattlements"Cheese'here. It was established in 1303 AD by Ala-ud-Din, who has dug a large reservoir in Hauz Khasi water supply in its place. Although none of the city remains open, has been described as modern historians'envy of Baghdad, Cairo and competitor is equal to Byzantium \'. In addition to these you can also see a grave Adhami Khan and Zafar Mahal in the Qutub complex and the rough-Jamal Kamal for him.

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