Pattadakal Karnataka India

Pattadakka is located on the banks of the river in this city Malaprabha temple has more than ten. This Ptolemy Pattadakal good (AD150) known geographer of the ancient city, his writings to be introduced as Petrigal this place is said to be. Most of these temples were erected after Çalukyalılar rulers. And Indian architectural excellence of the Dravida nagara style can be seen here. Three Sangameswara Siva temples. Dravida was built in the style of Mallikarjuna and Virupaksha. And illustrations on the Ramayana and the Virupaksha temple, pyramid-style tower with nagara Mahabharatha beautiful built Kasinatha, Kadasiddesvara, old temples such as Papanatha and jumbulingeswara a large stone structure carved.the. Pattadakal 7 and 8 century temple, built in the artistic talent and creativity and reminds Çalukyalılar.

Second is the capital of the kingdom of Chalukya Pattadakallu. Northern Ontario is located's Malaprabha river Bagalkot district. It is 22 km away from Badami and 514 km from Bangalore. I saw his art full Bloom Pattadakal Badami Chalukya. This temple is located in the seventh and eighth centuries. And also a large number of Jaina Basadi Rashtrakuta times smaller temples and included on the temple is surrounded by Plinth.

Sangameshwara, Chandrashekhara, Jambuling, Kadasideeshwara, Papanatha, Temple Kashivishvanatha other major temples here.

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