Napier Museum Trivandrum

Napier Museum built-in 19th century, Thiruvananthapuram, in Kerala is located near the zoo. Chinese architecture and traditional Kerala style is a combination of Mughal influence. The finishing touches of this magnificent structure Chisholm British architect. both external and internal views is very impressive. A magnificent view out the various striped colors give. Yellow scalloped arches and the frieze and lattice work shows the beauty of architecture with beautiful carved balconies. Ancient statues, ornaments and a large collection of coins are exhibited here.

150 years old museum was founded in 1855 by the Travancore Maharaja. Only a few museums such as India, Indian Museum, Calcutta, Madras Government Museum, Chennai, Napier Museum are contemporary. In 1874, built a new building was named after Lord Napier, then governor of Madras Presidency. Architectural masterpieces Mr. Chisolm, the Government of Madras in 1880 and construction was completed by consulting the architect designed. 120 years building this unique ornamentation and architectural style with gothic roof and minarets in the city was a turning point.

Museum of the bronze and stone, wood and ivory carvings and sculptures which cultural importance of art and antiques and works of a large collection has, lamps, textiles, Kathakali models, used items, Kuftgiri works, traditional musical instruments, a treasure collection of medals, chera, Chola , Pandya dynasties of Southern India represent. Bronze display 'Silpa Sastras'\ in Shiva, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Parvathi and includes stunning images. South Indian sculpture style metal images to show features 18 the 8th century. 8. century in central Travancore temple Ambalapuzha are collected in the State Vishnu image which Pallava style is the oldest metal image. Stone sculptures belonging 18th from the 8th century. All the wood carvings are on display shows the highest perfection. Her exhibitions have a wonderful and fascinating story is twined around.

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