Mattanchery Palace

In 1568 the Portuguese built the palace and talented Mattanchery King Veer Kerala Varma. Later it was rebuilt and summoned the Dutch as Dutch Palace. The traditional Kerala architectural style was used in the construction of the palace. This beautiful double legendary building was built in the structure nalukettu. There is a temple with wooden walls, which were painted beautiful paintings. Inside the palace walls were viewed stories in Ramayana. 19th century wall paintings can be seen in one of the bedrooms. The most striking feature is Mattanchery palace that was built in the Western people in the Eastern style of architecture.

Orient Palace is built in unique architectural perspective. Years later, in 1663 was rebuilding the palace by the Dutch and is known as Dutch Palace then. The rebuilding of a large number of improvements went into. The palace is a unique feature of the mythological murals India. Palliyara (Royal bedroom) is amazing - can easily understand the whole story of Ramayana on the walls. Traditional floor, which is unique in all areas of sighted, it is here. It is made from burnt coconut shells, lime, plant juices and egg white, but many regarded him as a single piece of polished black marble. It is said the floor techniques were employed only Kerala and nowhere else in the world.

After the renovation of the palace has been submitted Kerala Varma Maharajah, then ruler KochiBy Dutch. Maharaja used as a royal house and used the coronation venue.

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