jewish synagogue in kochi

The word synagogue was used to describe Jews to worship assembly. Later, the Jewish prayer is called the synagogue. Synagogue at Fort Kochi, Kerala, was built in 1568. When the State of Israel was established, Jews who settled in Koči and other parts of Kerala left the place to immigrate to Israel. There were only about 17 Jews who remained, and the number of adult males not be completed the requisite number of priests. So, now it is the priest in the synagogue in Kochi. Near the synagogue is a Jewish city. Even today the synagogue is maintained without losing its beauty.

A thriving Jewish community trade Synagogue built in 1568, which ties in Kerala to begin in Kodungallor (Cranganore) in the north country. The oldest synagogue in India, was partially destroyed in the war in 1662 and was rebuilt by Dutch. In the mid-18th -century clock tower added a floor paved with beautiful hand-painted blue willow tiles from China. Two hundred years, no two tiles are identical. The interior offers a more beautiful surprise: the Belgian chandelier, large coils of the Old Testament and the copper plates on which were recorded grants the privilege applied parties Cochin rulers to the Jewish community in the 4th century. There are also five finely wrought gold and silver crowns gifted to the synagogue of different patrons.

Rabbi normally provide visitors with full account of the synagogue and the history of Jews in Kerala. Although this ancient community of Cochin now stencil several families, strong elements of their culture and traditions, as well as Hebrew language remain in Jew Town, which is what we do Mattancherry synagogue came to be called. Lanes that wind-Jewish town offers charming heritage homes built in the Dutch, Portuguese and British styles.

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