Humayun Tomb in india

Humayun’s tomb was built by his senior widow Hamida Beegum in 1560 in fond remembrance of her husband. The entrance is a big double-storied gate way. A beautiful garden in charbagh style surrounds the tomb. Inside the tomb there is a huge octagonal hall surrounded by octagonal chambers. The main sarcophagus is placed in the central hall in north-south direction. On the roof of the tomb is a double dome of marble 42.5 metre high. There is a crescent on the top of the dome. It is made up of black and white marbles and red sandstone. There are many small monuments in the premises of Humayun’s tomb. Of these, a square tomb with a double-dome called Nai Ka Gumbad or the Barber’s tomb, built for emperor’s favorite barber is an outstanding structure. Humayun’s tomb reminds us the fall of the Mughal dynasty.

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