Great Stupa Sanchi India

Sanchi is ALD city on the banks of the river in the district Bethwina raise. Madhta Pradesh. A large Buddha Stupa built by Emperor Ashoka at Sanchi hill VIdishagiri made known pilgrimage center. Stupa of sandstone is 18 meters high and has a diameter of 35 meters. V 1 century BC satavahanas added toranas or four doors, beams, which are shown supporting four elephants. In 50th century AD Guptas made four images of Buddha. After the decline of Buddhism in India. Sanchi became a forgotten place. After the 1881 General Taylor, the Englishman initiative to preserve this land. Today Sanchi Stupa other small museum exhibiting Buddhist art and culture.

Hill of Sanchi is situated about 9 km south-west of Vidisha in Madhaya Pradesh, India. Krona at Sanchi hill almost 91 meters in height, commands a group of Buddhist monuments and grand view from a distance. It is unique not only in its having the most complete and well-preserved stupas but also in its offering a wide and educative field for the study of genesis, efflorescence and decay of Buddhist art and architecture, for a period of about Thirteen hundred years, from the third century BC to the twelfth century AD, covering nearly the whole range of Indian Buddhism. This is quite surprising for Sanchi has been devoted to any incident in Buddha's life, it is not known to have been targeted in any major event in the history of Buddhist monachism. Hiuen Tsang, who so accurately record information relating to the Buddhist monuments, is silent on this. The only possible given is in the chronicles of Sri. Lanka, according to which Mahendra, son of Asoka and his queen Devi, daughter of merchant you see (modern Besnagar close Bhilsa or Vidisha) whom Asoka had married during his halt there on the way to the bank as Ujjayani, said that the visited his mother at See, and that it is the beautiful monastery Vedisagiri built by himself. Mahendra remained there one month before he set out for Sri Lanka.

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