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Bhubaneswar, an ancient city of the 3rd century, is the capital of Orissa. There are about 500 temples built between 6th and 16th centuries in Bhubaneswar. Most of them are Shiva temples. The Lingaraja temple built in 1114AD stands as an outstanding example of Orissa temple architecture. The multiple tower rises up to a height of 132 ft. Several small temples and shrines ornamented with sculptures can be seen scattered in the premises and surrounded by huge walls. The presiding deity in the sanctum is Shivlinga. Some other attractive temples are Muktheswara, Kedareswara, Rajrani and Parasurameswara. Bhubaneswar was the provincial capital of many Hindu dynasties. Today, it is a planned township which consists of Government buildings, Universities and an airport.

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