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India's ancient city, on the banks of the river Chengalpet Palare Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu is located. 2 It was the capital of the Chola dynastynd century. Later Pallavas, Golconda, Nawabs Istanbul, in English and French from the royal dynasty that manages Kanchipuram. Years later, a Buddhist and Jaina early learning center. During 7th and 8th Kanchipuram centuries 'thousand temples, known as the Golden City'. Vishnu temple in the city and 18 there are 108 Shiva temples. 1200-year-old in the year 700 AD King kailasanath temple was built in rajasimha. An excellent study of Indian temple architecture, construction can be seen. Leads to a beautiful interior Nandi Mandap. 8 built Vaikundanath perumal templeth century. Three is a sacred temple of the other forms a magnificent feature above. In India, one of the seven major Hindu holy city of Kanchipuram as accepted.

Kancheepuram, the capital of the Pallava dynasty and is one of India's holy city residents. It's Chennai, 64 km from Chingleput over Chingleput & 35 km from Mahabalipuram is located 76 km.

Thousand Temples Ancient Kancheepuram, the city of thousand temples for Hindu city is one of the most sacred pilgrim centers. No less than 126 temples in Kanchi and the foot stays. 6 under the control of Cholas in this city and 8 back to centuries BC 2. century and was among the Pallava capital.

Well-known center in the country even better Kanchi silk sarees are made. Unique architectural beauty of the magnificent temple of Kanchi glorious Dravidian heritage that has significant bearing expressions. Adi Sankara (Kamakotipeetam) was established in his episcopal seat. Minister of the former President of Tamil Nadu Kancheepuram CN Annadurai called and was born with the name"Anna"by Tamil Nadu people.

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