amarnath in india

One of the most impotent pilgrimage centres of India, Amarnath is 145 Km. from Srinagar, Kashmir. This place is well known for a huge cave that extends up to 150 ft. high and 90 ft. broad in the valley of the Himalayas. A natural occurred shrine and shivalinga of ice are the most remarkable features of this cave. The ice statue of Shivalinga melts during summer and solidifies during winter. The statue attains its full size of about 6 ft. on full moon days. The access to the cave at an altitude of 14,000 ft. from sea leve l is by foot. It takes four days tracking from Pahalgam to reach the top. There are several other ice statues and each of them resembles some other gods. It is believed that a bath in the Holy Amaravathi washes away all the sins. According to legends Amarnath cave is the place where God Shiva imparted the secret of mortality to Goddess Parvathi.

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