Tours in Kerala

There is no need to introduce the richness of kerala in various aspects. Kerala is unique in its own and is a one of a kind place in this whole world. Having its own special place in this whole world, the naturaly beauty of the Kerala has been quite captivating and attracting people from the whole world during 365 days in a year. Kerala is visited by people from abroad especially during the tourism season which starts from october and ends on March. Many people from other parts of india visits kerala during season time and offseason time. Kerala's serene environment which is streched from green hills, musical chimes of the birds and rivers sings, spices in kerala, backwaters, rivers, lagoons, traditional culture and art forms adds a meaning to your tour in Kerala

Kerala Houseboat Tours

Like the famous beaches in kerala the kerala backwaters are also popular around the world. Cruising through the backwaters of kerala in a traditional housebot is an experience that a traveller will would never get to forget through the whole tour in kerala. In the present time of kerala tourism backwatere tourism is the centre point, if a traveller visits kerala he used to definitely have a houseboat trip. The natural ambience which a travelers watches gives the heartfelt happiness and mesmerizes you keeping your attach with it. The most famous backwater destinations are Alleppey, Kumarakom, Vembanad Lake, Kottyam, Kuttanad, Kozhikode, Kollam, Fort Kochi, Fort Bekal, etc. Usually on the above said destinations houseboat trips starts and ends in kerala.

Art Forms in Kerala
Apart from beaches and enchanting backwaters of kerala, the state itself has got lots of things to offer for the travellers. Another thing that most travellers experience during kerala tours is its traditional art forms. The art forms in kerala are truly exceptional and unique in the whole world. No where in the world one can witness the art forms which are found in kerala. In most of the countries the art forms are just a imitation of some other art forms which are found in other part of the world. But with regard to art forms in kerala, the are truly indegenious. Kerala's culture and arts forms and traditional values and dances are still been encrypting the rich values and culture. The colorfully dressed performers and their mind blowing performances makes the spectator to watch the art form again and again and will definitely be curious to know more.

Of all the dance forms in kerala, Kath kali is the most popular dance. Thullai dance form, mostly known for its simplicity and the gestures that work upon. Koddiyattom is the hand in hand go performance traditionally enacted in temples. Many more of these highly engraving performances have been the traditional mark of this place entertaining the world wide visitors .

Kerala is one of the most Eco -friendly tourist spot that has been connected with a wide variety of flora and fauna. This variety of vegetation found in kerala helped ayurveda to prosper in the state. Kerala's ayrvedic treatments are world famous and people from around the world visits kerala solely for ayuvedic treatments. The ayurvedic treatments in kerala has been applauded by those who have undergone the treatments and therapies. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you must got to authorised ayurvedic centres for ayuvedic treatments.

Kerala is one of the most captivating places of the tourist that everyone would like to have a visit. One of the reason why people are visit kerala back again is the freshness and the tender care of the environment. Like every other destination you are travelling knowing more about kerala will help you to got for a better kerala tour. Happy holidays in kerala.

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