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Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala upholds a rich 150 years ayurvedic tradition in the manufacture of ayurvedic medicines and offers high quality treatments to patients. Kandamkulathy is the behold initiative of late Sri. K.P.Pathrose Vaidyan, Who was a Veteran Ayurvedic Physician during his time. The secret behind the efficacy of the products, lies in the ancient “Thaliyolas” preserved at Kandamkulathy. Today Kandamkulathy has grown into a multi-divisional entity with 20 patented products and over 500 products ranges. Now it is a household name among Keralites and the medicines are available in every nook and corner of India.

Sri.Pathrose Vaidyan had a vision of Vydyasala growing it into a Global Organization promoting human welfare. The present Managing Director of the Kandamkulathy Group, Sri.K.P.Wilson, son of Sri.Pathrose Vaidyan, is trying to fulfill his noble vision.

Eladi Lehyam, Eladi Cough Syrup, Eladi paediatric cough syrup, Eladi sugar free cough syrup and Eladi tablets are household names and leaders in the market. Thengin Pookuladi Rasayanam from Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala established a close link between generations, being a medicine for ideal postnatal care. So are other medicines like Vasika, Brahmi Rich, Malayinchi Kuzhambu, Rumasine oil, Neelika hair tone, Elaneer Kuzhzmbu etc.

Fundamental research is at the heart of all Research & Development activities. At Kandamkulathy, the age-old formulae are rigorously tested to see how effective they are in treatments and also when used along with other drugs in certain procedures. Kandamkulathy’s R & D team conducts strict scientific validation of the herbal extract used for their drugs to ensure international standards of quality. Tireless work of the R & D Department is the real strength behind the growth of the Company.

Most of the raw materials used for the manufacture of medicines from Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala are plucked directly from its own herbal garden maintained at Kuzhoor. Rare and endangered medicinal plants are also grown in the botanical garden, which has become a nest for Botany students.

Apart from Rejuvenation and relaxation packages Kandamkulathy offers specific treatments for skin diseases, facial paralysis, nervous disability, infertility, slip disc, hypertension, bronchial diseases, rheumatism and diabetes etc. They also offer special treatments for Arthritis and Spondylitis. There are number of treatments like ‘Pizhichil’, ‘Navarakizhi’, ‘Dhara’, ‘Sirovasthi’, and ‘Elakizhi’ each for specific alignment. A unique health programme with herbal oil massages and ayurvedic medicines to help you loose excess weight and streamline your body.

Kandamkulathy Ayurveda Hospital at Valiyaparambu, Mala, in Trichur district is equipped with all modern facilities for treatment of deceases and to meet the needs of total health through Panchakarma and other methods of health care. The hospital is under the dedicated care of a team of qualified professionals and is headed by Dr.Rose Mary Wilson BAMS, who is the Chief Physician of all lifeline centers.

Kandamkulathy Ayurveda Hospital, Thottumugham (Ph. 0484-2625555) is on the serene bank of Kerala’s legendary river Periyar at Thottumugham, Alwaye in Cochin. They offer a resort like ambience and well-furnished treatment rooms in this calm and quite place. A home like living experience at this “Olive Leaf” classified center along with Yoga and Meditation will definitely take you to an ideal stature of mind and body.

Kandamkulathy Ayurveda Hospital, near YMCA, Chittoor Road, Ernakulam (0484-2384399) offers traditional and authentic Ayurveda therapies. The center is ideally located at the heart of the city, provided with round the clock medical attention with accommodation facility.

Kandamkulathy Ayurveda lifeline centers are also operating in association with Abad group of hotels at Hotel Abad Plaza Ernakulam, Abad Palmshore Beach Resort Kovalam, Abad Whispeering Palms Lake Resort Kumarakam and Abad Copper Castle Hill Valley Resort Munnar. A good number of overseas and domestic clients staying with Abad group of hotels have experienced the “Touch of life” rendered in the house of Kandamkulathy lifeline centers.

With an aim to promote holistic treatments to tired and restless bodies, Kandamkulathy now presents AYURSOWKHYAM Health Resort linked with Health Tourism at Athirappilly, in the bank of Chalakudy River.

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