Are you planning to embark on a leisurely cruise on a double storied (multi deck) houseboat boat, which is suitable to enjoy the emerald backwaters of kerala and the scenic backwater life. The backwaters of kerala are spectacular which with lots of unique things in the world. For those people who want to get rid of their hectic schedule and really looking for tranquility fo mind can take a break in the beautiful kerala backwaters. Kerala backwaters has got centuries old palm fringed shores, with vast network of 44 rivers, lagoons and lakes.

Houseboats in Kerala

The houseboats in kerala offers the traveller a special opportunity of enjoying your vacations on waters. These houseboats are called kettuvalloms in malayalam(the official language of kerala). The houseboats or so called kettuvallams are made by tying together pieces of wood. It is interesting to know that traditional houseboats are being made without using a single nail to keep the woods tied. Another fact is that these houseboats are by and large with eco friendly goods like bamboo poles, coconut fiber ropes, bamboo mats, coir carpets etc.

In the earlier days these houseboats or kettuvallams were being used to carry goods from one part of kerala to another part. The houseboats are sailed through the backwaters to reach from one destination to another. The houseboats were used to carry goods from cochin port to the remote parts in the districts of Kottayam, Alleppey and Quilon. More over these houseboats were being used as a home by several people who were in the business of transporting goods from cochin to other parts of kerala.

Now a days with the development of backwater tourism the traditional houseboats have been turned in to luxurious cruises with all moder facilities added. Usually the houseboats have one or two bath attached rooms, an open lounge, deck, kitchenette and a crew comprising two oarsmen and a cook. In most of the houseboats traditional lanterns (which are being lit up using kerosene) are used as the source of light during night time.

Activities in Houseboats

The above discussed things are regarding what a houseboat is? Now i going to tell you what you can experience in while cruising in the houseboats.

Have you ever experienced a slow pace of life in a heaven like atmosphere? With houseboats in kerala you will feel that you are in heaven on earth.

Houseboats in the backwaters can cruise you through, the palm-fringed waterways of Kerala and you can watch ancient Chinese fishing nets, water lilies, lush paddy fields, coir villages, rustic homes, temples and coconut groves. Backwater cruise is the only way to discover the real Kerala. It is best known for experiencing village life, exploring many species of birds and aqua and relaxing.

Kerala has got lots of rivers and backwaters through out the state but the best of backwater tourism is on the southern part of kerala starting from cochin extending to the northern part of trivandrum. The long strech of more than 250 kms is having lots of water bodies where backwater tours can be arranged. Most of the people usually take houseboat trips in Kollam to Alappuzha stretch, in the Vembanad Lake, and in the world Kuttanad region. There are lots of houseboats operators operting different kinds of houseboats. You can choose house boats as the level of luxury you are planning to experience. Which ever houseboat you choose the scenic beauty of backwaters will be the same.

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