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The journey is certainly an enriching experience while taking a trip Alappuza trip to the beautiful state of Kerala's obligation to offer you great pictersque natural attractions will leave you spell bound. Popular the'Venice called the East ", this great coastal city known for its unique and unparalleled backwater canals and palm finged small and beautiful lake-side swimming pools. As you take a boat cruise through the lagoons of Alleppy your trolling tied with impressive natural landscape in a row, coconut trees and crystal clear river water. If you like to cruise along the river backwater, will be very steady chirping of birds, cascading waters of the lagoon waters and beautiful views of Sunday setting behind the ocean beaches.

The rice-rich region is a recipe for "rice bowl of Kerala. The house boats are well designed to offer an atmosphere of entertainment, where you will have all the devices that you may have every luxury hotels around the world. They offer fine continental cuisine restaurant with traditional Keralite dishes. Historical evidence suggests that it was an important trading center during the reign of the Portuguese and the British rulers who attracted many companies in this part of Kerala. Facts to note that when this town was founded by Raja Kesavadasan has Diwan of Travancore Core in 1762, was only a channel through the strip of sand between the backwater and the sea, but over time became a lively town with shops, factories and the settlement of people on both sides of the bank.

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The closest airport to Alappuzha Cochin is located just minutes from city.Alleppy was linked by rail to cities like Cochin, Chennai, Bangalore, Bokaro and Calcutta. There are regular buses operating on NH-47 from Bangalore, Cochin and Trivandrum. There are many travel agencies offer package tours in Alappuzha fine hotel facilities adjacent to major travel travel tourism sites in the city. Additionally, you can enjoy the adventure of traveling through backwater cruise boat that takes you on a journey around the tornado lagoons.

Travel Sites in Alappuzha

With the many lakes and the Arabian Sea which lies to the west, is an ideal place to spend a great vacation. Even moderate temperature contributes to the added attraction that the climate is temperate throughout the year.

Krishnapuram Palace: Built in the 18th century, this palace is a representative of the current legacy of the king, who ruled over this country for a long time. Large paintings and the presence of ancient sculptures make an ideal location for tourists.

Kuttanad: Located in the heart of the backwater in Kerala is home to lush paddy fields and the famous deep for agriculture. The very sight of a large vegetation on the water depth is the most popular tourist resort site.

Vijaya Beach Park: Looking for a place where you can go for a nice evening walk, the park that serves the purpose! There is an amusement park and a cool breeze blowing from the sea beach relieve you from the fatigue of your trip.

Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Temple - This temple has great religious significance for Keralites everywhere. When you enter the sacred space, you can see a great painting of Shiva and interiors decorated with the traditional architectural style reflects the art of Kerala.

Edatuya Church - Founded in 1840, this church is known for its architecture and shine during the festival, the number of fans coming to this country than to lakhs.

Hotel accommodations is an important part of travel itinerary and Alappuzha is home to some of the most luxurious resorts offering excellent hospitality services. Characteristics and luxury hotels in Alappuzha budget are:

5 star hotels in Alappuzha

Keraleeyam Heritage, Pearl Resort, Hotel Regency, Alleppey Hotel Prince Hotel Windsor Castle, Hotel Regency Arcadia

Budget Hotels in Alappuzha

KTDC Yatri Nivas, Komala Hotel, Kondai LIP backwater Resort, Kuttanad River Resort, Palm Grove Lake Resort, Pristine Island Resort, Tharayil Tourism Authority

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