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Kerala House, the true peace and the mystique of the Indian subcontinent strange Hindu mythology, associated with their origin. According to mythology, was thousands of years, red) at a meeting AVTA (, Vishnu descended to earth as Parshuram. The purpose of his incarnation was to slay the demons of evil. By Parshuram fought and vanquished the demons that used to kill the ax, was discharged into the Arabian Sea and landed with an ax to the land emerged from the depths of the ocean known as Kerala.
The first inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent, the Dravidians now mainly found in southern India, in contrast to other parts of the country, were undermined when the Dravidians and retreat south to Indo-Aryan migration. Dravidians were able to protect and preserve the ancient literature, art and architecture of Hinduism.
Touring Kerala, the past, make it an attractive destination for travelers ready to explore. The temples of Kerala are an example of perseverance, the temples in Kerala have never before looting and destruction in the hands of Muslim rulers, unlike in the temples in the northern part of the country which was completely destroyed.
The most beautiful of these temples is that they are the architectural style of the purely indigenous and have no influence reflect Islamic architecture. Thus, the temples of Kerala are stiff and pointed, covered with copper plates in a conical or pyramid and rare opportunity, the dome, the structure and properties jarokha Khali and Mughal architecture.

Soft clay and limestone rock cave temples carved tightly can also be downloaded. Ambalapuzha, Kalpathy Temple, the Temple of Talos Chottanikkara temple, Guruvayoor temple and temple virgin Thiruvallatem Mangla some typical Keralite.
Kerala has inherited a rich culture, which flourished for millennia. Type of Reference originally in the Drama Theater and Sanskrit and the UNESCO World Heritage site famous Kathakali Art. Carnatic music is another feature of this place, which is a reflection of the different ragas and talas. Sopanam background music Kathakali performed. Martial Arts is another example of the rich culture of the boom in Kerala.
Kerala is known for its large relaxation and subtle were the main tourist attraction known. Thousands of tourists come to this beautiful country, as a fascinating experience in the backwaters of Kerala. Backwaters of Alleppey is also called "Venice of the East, is the best known of the other basins Kottayam, Kerala, is another option in this fabulous Category backwaters of Kerala.
Along with the temples and backwaters of Kerala, the land much space as large as the Periyar Sanctuary, where you navigate through the rainforest, explore the nature and encounter with the beast through this vicinity. Spreads on large plantations in Munnar and Kumily is another attractive feature of the country, Kerala God who blessed the land with plantations thrive various spices, rubber, tea and coffee, the taste of a natural healing environment. The charm and flavor of these plantations in Kerala exclusive shy person can have their purity, then the mandatory part of Kerala package tours.
Ayurveda finds its way back to the origin of the scriptures of the Vedas thousands of years can see in Kerala. The people of spices is the aim of Ayurvedic treatment, under the supervision of a qualified Ayurveda in more internal self-study spiritual experiences through meditation and yoga, and what is the best place to Marari beach, where this session of relaxation to the heal physical and mental burnout can get could. For trade is always a good idea, as some works of art made from coconut or coconut for a souvenir, get a gourmet kitchen, is decorated with lots of spices and coconut, and enjoyed the delicious seafood resource.

Touring in Kerala is not easy for many travel agencies in India as well as several travel packages for a wide range of options available in Kerala, Kerala Hotels, Flights to Kerala, Kerala or packages and the flexibility remains a prerequisite.
Care organizations in the smallest of all the details and the names of the leaders, to not only receive and friendly, but also informative and can give all the knowledge about the place. Kerala tours is not misleading or superficial, but the originality and the blessing of nature to throw thousands of tourists to the country of origin of this God.

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