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Located alongside the purplish-blue Arabian Sea, Kerala is one of the renowned tourism destination in India. Destinations in kerala are visited by people from around the world and from other parts of india for 365 days in a year. Kerala is famous world over as God's Own Country. Kerala's unique geography and it rich cultural heritage is what which encourages people to visit kerala to enjoy their perfect holiday vacation in india. Kerala located on the southern part of india has been acknowledged by many travel magazines and travel forum as the as one of the top ten paradise of the world. The world renowned National Geographic Traveler magazine has recommended kerala as as one of the top 50 must visit places during a lifetime. There is no doubt to say that Kerala is one of the most beautiful and charming states of India. The beautiful state of Kerala has many amazing tourism opportunities to its visitors. Beach tourism, backwater tourism, hill station tourism, nature tourism, wildlife tourism, houseboat tours, village tourism, heritage tourism, eco tourism, monsoon tourism, medical tourism, etc are major elements of Kerala tourism.

Kerala has got Swaying plantations, enchanting hill stations, heritage & cultural monuments, age old temples, tropical but unique climate, vividly distinctive fairs & festivals, serene beaches, traditional houseboats on scenic backwaters, friendly people, varied wildlife, beautiful waterfalls, best of beach resorts, resorts for authentic ayurveda, etc. All these features of kerala are added together to provide tourists with unique & ultimate experience of travel and stay to cherish for lifetime. Experience amazing kerala with the best of Kerala Tour Packages.

Provide below are some of the kerala tour packages offered by Indian Tour Planners

Kovalam Trivandrum Kanyakumari Tour

Cochin Athirapally Houseboat Tour

Cochin Munnar Tour

Cochin Kumarakom Houseboat Tour

Trivandum Kovalam Kanyakumari Tour

Munnar Thekkay Kumarkom Tour

Calicut Wayanad Tour

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Kerala Backwater Cruises

The main objective is to determine the nature of the travel tourism for the expedition. This type of travel and tourism industry can be classified accordingly. Even then, the motivation and the travel and tourism industry can be classified accordingly may vary. Although the reasons may vary, and the desire to travel through a combination of human desires and mental attitudes, goals and actions caused thereby possible to provide in certain categories.
Pools of Kerala Tourism is still in use long enough. Budding entrepreneurs in the Central Travancore region by systematic efforts brought this type of tourism to the forefront and started to world traveler to take good notes. With the liberalization of the Indian economy, significant changes are permanent witnesses to travel and tourism industry.
More tourists visited Kerala after the liberalization of the Indian economy than at any other time in the past, since India gained its independence from Colombia. The tourism industry in Kerala has been renovated and new sights constantly tourist map replenished every year. Insert the growing tourism potential, they were discovered and developed, causing significant damage to the fragile environment.
In the backwaters of Kerala, as well as around Kumarakom, dozens of floating objects, offering world-class at affordable prices. You can swim, tickle on her hands and enjoy the beautiful landscape around your taste buds with traditional food from the mouth watering and other dining halls on. Packaging of medical tourism offering a variety of treatment options that offer the best results for all types of diseases. For the adventurous, the lakes offer plenty of opportunity for all types of water sports. Mountaineering is also possible, as some travel to Kumarakom, one reaches the area of high mountains and waterfalls.

Kerala Ayurveda Packages

Ayurveda literally means science of life. Ayurveda general welfare of the individual. Points for a healthy and happy, comfortable and attractive on all fronts, physically, mentally and socially. Ayurveda is a body, not just physically, but it is a general rejuvenation of body, mind and soul. Analogues in the world for his proposal. Ayurveda is the "science of life and its origins 2000 years ago and now dominate the legacy of the old masters and doctors.
In India, Kerala, famous for the best and most effective treatment of Ayurveda. Ayurveda again basically the life of the body. Provides treatment of various diseases such as arthritis, paralysis, obesity, sinusitis, migraine, premature aging, skin diseases and more. Ayurveda offers general fitness after the healing detoxification and rejuvenation of the system throughout the body. Ayurveda Resorts will help to improve blood circulation, strengthen immunity, the dismissal of the toxins from the body, allowing any excess oil from the oil massage. Fatigue and stress of everyday life, is an important factor for many chronic diseases. Ayurveda rejuvenates the body, stamina and vitality increased.
Kerala in the south of India, known for its Ayurvedic resorts and more tourists during the year. Several ski resorts in Kerala offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenation packages, the individual constitution and diseases are cut. Custom made individual packages with support for very personal attention from our medical experts and health professionals is also available. Whatever your goals if you are looking for high quality health care and ayurvedic rejuvenation, make sure that all the advantages of Ayurveda in Kerala in India.
Kerala has achieved this position estimates for the highest office in Ayurveda for its complex climate, an abundance of natural flora and much of it, and medicinal plants supported by the cool rainy season from June to November. Due to this unique ecological situation and climate, plants used for treatment in Kerala is known that a certain effect. Ayurveda everything necessary for its healing and restorative treatment. Ayurveda is with extreme toughness in Kerala, which it an invaluable service for people who will come for treatment practiced. Principles and practices of Ayurveda evolved over the centuries and the importance of Ayurveda in Kerala have been reinforced by Siddha and Marma in the southern Kerala, Kalaripayattu and Kalari Therapy in northern region.
There are countless places Ayurveda in Kerala, offering programs for health and fitness-based therapies and Ayurvedic oil massages. This massage to rejuvenate the whole body system and treatment of various diseases, and will allow the fitness. Some of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments are offered in these centers include Panchakarma, then treatment, massage oils, Purwakarma, Samana, yoga and meditation.
There are many world-renowned resorts such as Ayurveda in Kerala Ayurveda Resort Capitol, Manal Theeram Beach Resort, offers interior Keraleeyam Heritage and Ayurvedic Resort, Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort and the best Ayurvedic treatment.

Indian Tour Planners offers the best of Kerala Ayurveda Packages

Tour Kerala

Kerala, God himself declares that the country is truly a paradise on earth. This is a tropical paradise, located in the southern part of India, between the area of the Western Ghats, southern mountains and from the azure Arabian Sea. He is considered one of the most beautiful states of India has many attractions for tourists to throw one. This world-famous for its unique geographical and cultural features. Kochi, the economic capital, the state has a commercial value.

Kerala is a destination for many tourists, vacationers and honeymooners. And he has a lot to fulfill his desire. Beautiful beaches, picturesque lakes, beautiful resorts natural wonders, postcard landscapes, historic places, magnificent monuments, churches and temples scary, resorts, luxury hotels, cruise ships, etc. Everyone wants a unique experience for guests who enter the eternal.

What is the mind first thoughts about traveling in Kerala beaches. Really beautiful beaches attract tourists from around the world. The beautiful state of Kerala is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Kovalam, Chennai, Cherai, Alappuzha, etc., a beach destination in the State visited the national and foreign guests. Palm trees, coconuts, panoramas, Ayurvedic massage facilities, locations, etc., adds a beautiful beach state. Kerala beaches are also popular with honeymooners. Beaches with many attractions and activities to create a real cast of the romantic honeymoon couples. Sunset view of the experience of a beautiful beach blue Arabian Sea can be very romantic for couples. Sunbathing, water sports, sunbathing, swimming, ayurvedic massage, etc., are popular activities that can be enjoyed on the beautiful beaches of the state.

Besides beaches, Kerala is also for the very beautiful and peaceful oasis known. Standing water is pretty spectacular lush and host in the eyes of visitors. There is an extensive network of canals of the beautiful palm trees, beautiful lakes, brackish lagoons, beautiful rivers and streams surrounded. Tourists to a paradise for tourists on a boat or canoe. Boating move through the channels can be a really exciting experience. Perhaps the most popular way to explore the picturesque backwaters is on its way to the boat are well organized provides opportunities for tourism on the environment, such as housing and luxury hotels with great advantage. Married couples, romantic love to spend your holiday on board the houseboat. When a boat cruise along the picturesque canals, have the guests an excellent opportunity to see nature at best. Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kottayam, Trivandrum, Thiruvallam, etc., Map perfect destinations in Kerala, which in plants are known tourism. These areas are designated as the starting point and the arrival of the boat cruises known. Today the pool have to travel a great deal of travel packages in Kerala. In fact, we must not lose sight of the tour factories in Kerala, the land of God.

Munnar, Ponmudi and Wayanad popular resorts in Kerala, famous for tourism and the mountain station of ecotourism. These areas are located in the Western Ghats mountain ranges known tea and coffee plantations, rubber plantations, spice plantations, rich flora and fauna. Because of the great beauty of the scenery and joyful atmosphere of Munnar is often referred to as "Southern Kashmir" referred to. Kerala has a great cultural characteristics. It has a rich artistic and cultural aspects. Is a world-renowned performing arts as Kathkali and Mohiniattam. There will always be appreciated in a state with a trip to Kerala. In fact, Kerala is a paradise for tourists and holidaymakers.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala House, the true peace and the mystique of the Indian subcontinent strange Hindu mythology, associated with their origin. According to mythology, was thousands of years, red) at a meeting AVTA (, Vishnu descended to earth as Parshuram. The purpose of his incarnation was to slay the demons of evil. By Parshuram fought and vanquished the demons that used to kill the ax, was discharged into the Arabian Sea and landed with an ax to the land emerged from the depths of the ocean known as Kerala.
The first inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent, the Dravidians now mainly found in southern India, in contrast to other parts of the country, were undermined when the Dravidians and retreat south to Indo-Aryan migration. Dravidians were able to protect and preserve the ancient literature, art and architecture of Hinduism.
Touring Kerala, the past, make it an attractive destination for travelers ready to explore. The temples of Kerala are an example of perseverance, the temples in Kerala have never before looting and destruction in the hands of Muslim rulers, unlike in the temples in the northern part of the country which was completely destroyed.
The most beautiful of these temples is that they are the architectural style of the purely indigenous and have no influence reflect Islamic architecture. Thus, the temples of Kerala are stiff and pointed, covered with copper plates in a conical or pyramid and rare opportunity, the dome, the structure and properties jarokha Khali and Mughal architecture.

Soft clay and limestone rock cave temples carved tightly can also be downloaded. Ambalapuzha, Kalpathy Temple, the Temple of Talos Chottanikkara temple, Guruvayoor temple and temple virgin Thiruvallatem Mangla some typical Keralite.
Kerala has inherited a rich culture, which flourished for millennia. Type of Reference originally in the Drama Theater and Sanskrit and the UNESCO World Heritage site famous Kathakali Art. Carnatic music is another feature of this place, which is a reflection of the different ragas and talas. Sopanam background music Kathakali performed. Martial Arts is another example of the rich culture of the boom in Kerala.
Kerala is known for its large relaxation and subtle were the main tourist attraction known. Thousands of tourists come to this beautiful country, as a fascinating experience in the backwaters of Kerala. Backwaters of Alleppey is also called "Venice of the East, is the best known of the other basins Kottayam, Kerala, is another option in this fabulous Category backwaters of Kerala.
Along with the temples and backwaters of Kerala, the land much space as large as the Periyar Sanctuary, where you navigate through the rainforest, explore the nature and encounter with the beast through this vicinity. Spreads on large plantations in Munnar and Kumily is another attractive feature of the country, Kerala God who blessed the land with plantations thrive various spices, rubber, tea and coffee, the taste of a natural healing environment. The charm and flavor of these plantations in Kerala exclusive shy person can have their purity, then the mandatory part of Kerala package tours.
Ayurveda finds its way back to the origin of the scriptures of the Vedas thousands of years can see in Kerala. The people of spices is the aim of Ayurvedic treatment, under the supervision of a qualified Ayurveda in more internal self-study spiritual experiences through meditation and yoga, and what is the best place to Marari beach, where this session of relaxation to the heal physical and mental burnout can get could. For trade is always a good idea, as some works of art made from coconut or coconut for a souvenir, get a gourmet kitchen, is decorated with lots of spices and coconut, and enjoyed the delicious seafood resource.

Touring in Kerala is not easy for many travel agencies in India as well as several travel packages for a wide range of options available in Kerala, Kerala Hotels, Flights to Kerala, Kerala or packages and the flexibility remains a prerequisite.
Care organizations in the smallest of all the details and the names of the leaders, to not only receive and friendly, but also informative and can give all the knowledge about the place. Kerala tours is not misleading or superficial, but the originality and the blessing of nature to throw thousands of tourists to the country of origin of this God.

Find the best of kerala backwater tours offered by Indian Tour Planners

Enjoy Honeymoon in Kerala

Honeymoon is the most important festival of the young couple. It is time for couples, known to and full of humor and enjoy the romantic moment as a life long memorable. During this time, would be how to verify They all have dreams. Equipped for married couples to a goal that is a peaceful, you prefer to choose beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and the opportunities for recreational activities. There are several worthy destination in India, which is very popular among honeymooners and couples, young at heart. Popular place for exciting honeymoon in Kerala, India. Sincerely, described as God's own country, Kerala is one of the Charming and captivating states of India. This is a popular tourist destination for your honeymoon vacation in the country. It is all that can attract a romantic partner.

The beautiful state of Kerala has a number of options that are celebrating their honeymoon in a very fascinating to. He beautiful beaches, picturesque lakes, greenery, spectacular mountain resorts, rich flora and fauna, wildlife Sanctuaries, floating luxury, beautiful lakes, roaring waterfalls, historic monuments, magnificent monuments, etc. Equipped of exceptional natural beauty and beautiful state of Kerala donors more unique and romantic environment in anticipation of a great honeymoon in India. To celebrate about steam around the world back on their tour of Kerala expecting a romantic holiday.

Married couples in Kerala, a lot of options to celebrate your romantic vacation. There are beautiful beaches, the very popular with many couples around the world. The state has one of the best beaches in the world. Kovalam, Chennai, Fort Cochin, Alleppey, Fort Bekal, Beypore, Cherai, kappa Kozhikode, etc are among the most beautiful beaches in Kerala Great beauty and romantic and pleasant atmosphere. Steam love to explore the beautiful beaches of the state. Beaches dotted with palm trees, coconut palms. Mature loves it under the coconut palms with silver, white sand or relax on the beach to sit Umbrella. Sunset looks beautiful beaches pleasant activity for couples. Couples love to swim, Sun, fun and activities in their honeymoon in Kerala, God's country.

Creek Tourism in Kerala is also very popular among honeymooners. Haven picturesque and peaceful setting adds special Charm for a romantic getaway for couples. Alleppey, Kumarakom, Fort Kochi, Kozhikode, Thiruvallam, Trivandrum, Kollam, etc.
Known destinations located on the banks of the tranquil and picturesque backwaters of the state. For a couple of these trends in paradise. These areas are several points worth Ayurveda and wellness are also very popular with the Pairs. Couples love to relax and Ayurvedic massage and spa. This is really an experiment to evaluate Life. Luxury houseboat, floating on the tranquil backwaters and breathtaking are very popular with married couples Travel in Kerala, India. Steam like to live in luxury, floating on the picturesque backwaters. Well organized
Houseboat cruise pair in a perfect world, and gives a very beautiful, romantic atmosphere Vacation. It would be a boring experience for their honeymoon in India.
From Kerala, beautiful hill stations like Munnar, Ponmudi, Wayanad, etc., are also very popular with honeymooners, to their honeymoon in India. Well, if you also want your marriage memorable experience, visit Kerala, India. There are several Kerala honeymoon packages are available on the market, selecting one of them and be prepared to Treasure pleasant experience.

Kerala – the Land of Beaches, Backwaters and Beauty

Kerala, attracts public and tourist destination in India. Tourists and Appeals Tourists from all over the world and gives them the opportunity to the impressive tourism with beautiful beaches and countryside to explore Backwaters, beautiful hill stations, exotic wildlife, lush vegetation and unique beauty of nature.

If we are to speak of Kerala, recognized as a land of God as the first thing to mind is your spirit impressive beauty. Yes, was the beautiful landscape of Kerala a globally famous tourism in the country. Seeing this beauty Beaches, swimming pools, spas, mountain landscapes, parks and shrines, towns and historic sites. All The state has a great natural beauty.

Whatever the state in which they ride is the beauty of nature at home. Sweet Smell of tea plantations and spice plantations of Kerala welcomed the country's God. And helping people, so generous step in examining each of its The beauty of the state. To increase cultural monuments enthusiasm. Spas and salons offer a complete ayurveda Holidays Holidays in Kerala, God's country.

Beaches, swimming pools, mountain resorts, houseboats, monuments, temples, villages, green landscapes, cities, etc. Kerala Travel & Tourism Attractions. Tourists have a wide range of opportunities for travelers to enjoy the study of the Virgin Beaches, picturesque lakes and green hills station, a perfect backdrop postcards and much more.

Kovalam, Chennai, Cherai, Marari, Alappuzha, etc., are the most popular beaches in the country. Coconut and palm oil Blessed with a clean atmosphere of calm, the beaches are very popular among tourists from the family, nature lovers who are looking for fun and Honeymoon. Kovalam, perhaps the most famous city in the country, with beautiful beaches, a catchy Attractions, resorts, hotels, spas and salons Ayurvedic massage. The station is the trade India. The first is also a popular destination for honeymooners. Couples, activities such as water Kovalam Beach Cruises, sunbathing, watching the sunset, and so walk to the leisure, massage, sunbathing, swimming, Besides the beaches, is quiet and picturesque backwater state, also popular places in the world Itinerary popular package in Kerala. Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam, Fort Cochin, Trivandrum, Thiruvallam, Kottayam, etc.

The movement of the nation state. These directions are equipped with great beauty. Are Even with its rich flora and fauna. In fact, it is an excellent example of the perfect places for tourism and recreation Eco-tourism. These areas offer great opportunities for residential or residential cruise on quiet and picturesque bay, the boat with luxury.

Moreover, there are known some beautiful ski resorts in the state for its quaint charm and good weather. Munnar, Wayanad Ponmudi hill station and most popular in the country. She often visited by tourists, like many lovers of nature, fun Applicants who are of particular interest, tourists, honeymooners and adventurers. Picturesque resorts offer Gold Opportunity to see the natural beauty and rich flora and fauna, as well. In fact, the mountain resorts popular locations Touring studied Kerala Travel.

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