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The word Yoga was originated from Sanskrit which means the union of mind, body and spirit. The yoga can also be defined as the practice of physical postures or poses. The scope includes the techniques of yoga breathing, the meditation, the awareness of body, purification, and emotional stability. The yoga is a wide range of characteristics that may very well reduce, control and cure a particular disease carefully selecting the elements included in the traditions of yoga. Therapy of yoga: the first half of the 20th century, the therapy of yoga has evolved in India. The therapy of yoga is a new discipline incorporating Yogic concepts and techniques with traditional medical knowledge and psychological western. It is a therapy without medicine and surgery without tools. The therapy of yoga deals the holistic treatment of various types of psychological or somatic organic disability. The natural and innate healing resources of the body are promoted by this therapy. Also help in restoring the proper functioning of the various current systems in our body. Depending on individual needs and also to consider the clients physicians, practices of yoga of the yoga therapists projects for patients. Prescribe some of the specific postures, breathing and exercise techniques from the slowdown. The therapy of yoga can reduce various symptoms and keep the body against the various diseases that are mostly developed due to the effort. These various diseases ranging from back problems to arthritis to heart conditions for hyperventilation to asthma to irritable bowels syndrome with diabetes to multiple sclerosis to chronic fatigue syndrome to the anxiety to hypertension. In contrast to this, traditional yoga is primarily related to the stay fineness staff from a healthy or normal individual. But both techniques, however, share an understanding of humans as an integrated system of body-mind, which can function optimally only when a state of dynamic balance. The therapy of yoga is more effective than the general practice of yoga as a safe means of treating medical problems. Benefits of the yoga therapy: 1. The therapy of yoga is good for everyone. 2. It is a modified form of all the traditional practices of yoga and therefore provides the same advantages that traditional practices of yoga provide but without any risk of injury. 3. The therapy of yoga keeps the body flexible and mobile and keep moving up the joints. 4. The therapy of yoga helps to prevent and cure disease. Therapy of yoga in Kerala: Kerala is situated in most of southern India is famous worldwide for its treatment of yoga. Kerala has many resources that offers Ayurvedic therapies of yoga. Some of the features of famous Auyurvedic of Kerala are resources of Athreya Ayurvedic, Ayurvedic Keraleeyam use of, resources Somatheeram, the yoga center of Kare (Kerala's therapy of Iyengar yoga) and more. All these features offer special therapies treat various diseases depending on the condition of the body. These therapies included general body massage with herb oil, steam bath in herb enriched steam, Dhara [with medicated buttermilk], a half massage with herb oils, massage special main body, tretmens of Panchkarma, Slimming Programs, paralysis , weight loss, antiaging, yoga and mediation, therapy and detoxification of rejuvenation.

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