Sports Tourism in India

It is known more for monuments, heritage and culture, one of India as the destination of sports tourism. To exploit this aspect and take the incredible India campaign made a further step, the ministry of tourism had given his consent to the European channel Eurosport of sports in June 2009 to shoot a show in particular, Sports Trip ', the `in India.

Trip in Sports "is a format that looks globetrotting sports sites and bearing hot-spots around the world. After the consent of the ministry, Eurosport gave a group to India to produce a program on sports and culture in India. The relative cost of total production was around dowels $ 200,000, since the time of air is around $ 680,000.

Mediascope advertised, houses one of the largest international representation of the resources of India and also one of the experts custom the biggest media in the country, is the exclusive sales partner of the media in India Eurosport. Mediascope Advertising is said to have been introduced to the environment ministry of tourism and convinced them the need to use the appeal of sports in Europe to the advantage of incredible India. The company is also said to have convinced Eurosport to invest in the partnership of incredible India.

The objective

In an interaction of the email, Marzban Patel, CEO, Advertising Mediascope India, said the aim is to highlight opportunities for sports tourism in India. This initiative is a long way in expr India to European nations, seducing millions to visit, and will participate in various experiments. This is a first effort to India by Eurosport and is in support of a program of targeted communication initiated by ministry of tourism. It is an attempt to expr many different cultural facilities, heritage tourism in India, a medical hearing Europe through the European sports channel. We are very pleased with the results and are currently in dialogue with other Indian companies to take up the power of the media, TV and digital.

India as a tourism destination of sports

As this initiative has helped attract tourists to the country? Leena Nandan, joint secretary, ministry of tourism, explained, stakeholders of the tourism industry was quick job market and our initiatives have promoted the tourism of sports. Tour operators have also organized tours of golf, etc.. We hope the interest in diving and sports also grow with the traditional sports of the "Trip of the show going on air. In addition, the ministry of tourism also produced television advertisements in skiing in Gulmarg (Kashmir) and diving in the Andaman consoles. We have also made rural sports. Under the immediate influx of tourists, it is too early to know how the show was only in the air. However, we hope that this place shows India as a tourism destination of sports.

Role of the market for sports

The role of sports for sports which introduce the market to drive tourism, Nandan said, India can not be seen as a market of sports tourism in a purist sense compared to America. But it is a country where the promotions are in huge demand. Could be conducted or sports-entertainment-driven. I am using the term generally the promotions, which means the sale of their product, enhancing visibility. In India, companies consider the purchase of a flag as just that, when it is more. Represents the visibility. The sport engages people as any other genre. There is an emotional intensity and high level of focus when involved with sports. It keeps the attention of the person and allows escape into another world. It can be used as a means to attract travelers who are on guard to escape, relax and enjoy the adventure.

The sport of "Trip is a series of five-edition telecast on Eurosport, which detailed some of sports look to India in areas unknown to most estimates. It covers not only the cricket but the golf has brought to viewers in Delhi, in yoga, in martial arts, etc.. All these shows have already been ventilated, for example, cricket on May 30, golf on 6 June, diving on 13 June in Kalariyapattu (the martial arts of Kerala shape) on June 20, and yoga on 27 June. The series, which began in aeration EuroSports early June 2009 during the primetime evening slot on Saturdays, will continue until July 2009.

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