Nehru Trophy Boat Race Ticket Booking

Indian Tour Planners, in association with IGITEC has introduced online booking for this years Nehru Trophy boat race. With online booking facility of Nehru Trophy Boat Race one can book the ticket before reaching the Nehru Trophy venue. This feature of online ticket booking has started last year. Last year many people has used this service to book their tickets online.

For Nehru Trophy Boat Race there are two types of tickets, one is silver and other one is gold. The price for Gold ticket is Rs. 2000 and for Silver ticket is Rs. 1000. For gold ticket you will be provided a closer view of the finishing point of boat race so one can enjoy the full thrill of the boat race.

If you are booking the ticket through online, then after payment your ticket will be confirmed and you will be provided a paper ticket once you reach the venue. Indian Tour Planners will be organizing a stall near to Nehru Trophy Boat Race venue from where one can collect the paper ticket. After collecting the ticket our representative will guide you to your seats.

Visit to book your Nehru Trophy ticket online.

DO’s and Dont’s for the Visitors of Nehru Trophy Boat Race


* Purchase tickets from authorized retail outlets (through Govt. depts. And tourism information office– authorized ticket counter)
* Please check the tickets for authorized seal of the committee and serial number
* Authorized counters can be identified with banners having logo of NTBR
* Try to reach Alappuzha by 9 AM
* The committee already arranged separate boats for the tourists and ticket holders to reach the race area
* The ticket holders must reach the specially arranged boat jetty by 11:00 for catching the boat
* Try to bring food items and water and can take to the venue
* Occupy your seat by 12:00 noon
* Vehicles can be parked in Municipal Stadium north of Zillah Court Bridge
* This facility will available only up to 11:00 AM
* Less luggage more comfort
* Show your tickets at the entrance of the boat jetty and also at the entrance of the pavilion
* For any help please contact the control room 2243441 / 100 (police)


* Do not purchase tickets from unauthorized person
* Do not purchase complimentary passes by paying cash
* Do not purchase tickets having no seal or serial no. etc.
* Do not bring any explosive items and dangerous electronic devices
* Smoking is not allowed in the pavilion
* Do not bring liquors to the pavilion

Visit to book your Nehru Trophy ticket online. If you want to know more details about nehru trophy boat race then kindly visit the government website

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