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Snuggled between the waters of the Arabian Sea as new in the west and the lusts of Western Ghat mountains in the east, a fine mesh of rivers, forests, exotic wild animals, the tidal stretching of tranquil crystal and a long coastline of beaches are serene Kerala to the pleasure of a traveler. Kerala, God's own country really lives upto its name because of the serenity of Calmness and nature of wonderful people around. A visit to Kerala has much to offer you in terms of entertainment, relaxation of the mind and body, and a memorable stay with their loved ones.

Relaxation of mind and body:

A massage, a meditation, Ayurveda (an ancient form of healing diseases in India) and yoga are some of the ways used here proved to him the feeling comfortable, relaxed and calm during vacation and the effects last for several days you go back home. Some ancient herbal and medicinal plants are mixed and used to treat major diseases such as obesity, cholesterol, the hypertension, constipation, osteoporosis, skin diseases, arthritis, the paralysis, the sinusitis, migraine, aging premature and more.

The massage of the head and body are also available and performed by experienced masseurs to get rid of your headache and migraine.

The holidays usually mean a break from their daily grind, and Kerala offers you a complete experience with sessions of yoga where you can feel the union of your mind, body and soul in some centers as the center of the yoga of Kochi in Kerala, the center of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta's in Trivandrum, the strength of the Ayur health center, the Sivananda Ashram and the temple of advanced Eastern holistic research (heart) in Kollar.

Beautiful view of the floating homes:

A visit to Kerala is incomplete without a ride in houseboats that has a simple yet sophisticated arrangement and provided the basic courtesies such as bathroom, an area of seats, rooms together, the sumptuous food prepared by the staff, the platform, and a living room open to feel the heat of the sun that shines on the horizon.

A sumptuous Indian meal, the typical expected to:

The cuisine of Kerala is unique and it has a touch of India staff, style of Kerala. Although dominated by South Indian food, you can find continental dishes of Chinese and Punjabi too. But come to Kerala and not having the home cooked food of Kerala as the plants with a tinge of coconut sprinkled on it in the curry leaves, the fish, rice, as in tamarinds etc.. is a bad idea.

Some popular dishes from Kerala are Rasam (composition of tomatoes and tamarinds), Appam (components of rice), Puttu (components of the meal eaten with rice and bananas), Payasos (a sweet dish made of coconut milk taken after meals , decorated with nuts and cajus) and fish curry.

Of the star attractions:

Although a little heavier in the pocket, the best way to experience the life of nature as New Delhi is once you have a glance of life in the house of a tree. A house of tree has all the modern facilities such as washing basin to good source of water, the shower, the phone, carpeted area for comfortable seating and a balcony. Some are as high as 100 feet above the ground level, giving you a feeling of stagnation with the vast blue sky. Also known as eco-lodges because of the eco-friendly materials used in their construction, gives a view of his elaborate green plantations of tropical forests, of coffee, tea and pepper.

Entertainment and celebrations:

The conversation and the entertainment highlight of the biggest in Kerala is the boat race which is held frequently between groups of different people, with the crowd cheering for them next time. Awed by this show of harmony and coordination among peoples. The boat race shows the true sporting spirit of the people of Kerala. The race of the Aranmula boat is organized around the month of celebrations of Onamia where two boats were attached and if alcangam your next destination. The race for the trophy of Rajiv boat Gandhi is a famous boat race held in memory of late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi.

Kathakali, which focuses on the expressions and emotions, were once a form of art to the rules. Mohiniattam, known for its elaborate costumes and stage classic is run by women. Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest forms of martial arts is becoming It is extremely popular today. These are the popular forms of dance here.

The celebrations occur throughout the year with festivals and Onamia, Vishu, Durga Ashtami, Mahanavami and Vijaya Dasami being celebrated with much fanfare. Foreigners can get a real feel of India in those times.

Thus, for a mixed bag of gifts and the excitement, entertainment, cultural heritage, the great food and art, come to Kerala.

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