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There are several shrines of wildlife, national parks, sanctuaries and tiger reserves of the bird enthusiasts in India that attract wild animals of the world. These are all rich in its flora and fauna. The various destinations of the exploitation of wild animals of India strongly satisfy the desire of the majority of exotic wild animals experience life. The various wildlife destinations in India that have preserved the good Indian wild animals over the years.

Located in the state of Rajasthan, Ranthambhore and Sariska are the world famous national parks & reserves of the tiger of India. Ranthambhore National Park: Situated in the Indian state of Rajasthan that is very well known for tigers along with other wildlife like leopards, chink, panthers, and various species of birds. The fort of Ranthambhore and Jogi Mahal is also the attraction of the visit value. Located in the district of Alwar is also known for tigers, leopards, panthers, jungle cats and the other wild attractions. A safari and jeep safari in the nature of forests within the national park of Ranthambhore and Sariska can excite the experience you love estimate for life. The Keoladeo Ghana National Park (the bird sanctuary of Bharatpur) is a global famous bird sanctuary of India. It is home to various species of domestic and migratory birds. In winter, the Siberian cranes can be seen in the bird park of Bharatpur.

Are located in the state of Madhya Pradesh national park of Jim Corbett the famous parks of some global wildlife very ideal for the shipment of wild animals and safari nature. It is home to wildlife like tigers, leopards, panthers, crocodiles and several species of domestic and migratory birds.

Located in the state of Gujarat, the Gir national park & wildlife of the sanctuary is a sanctuary of wild animals world famous. Asia is home to the famous lion - king of the forest. The Gir forest preserves also other wild animals like chink, chital, nilgai, sambhar the blatherskite, black, and much more. It is the only park in India where visitors can watch sensational activities of Asian lions in their natural surroundings. This is because most of the tour operators of India for wildlife park of Gir give an important place in the bill of package tour itineraries of wild animals.

Madhya Pradesh is home to four famous national parks of India. Are Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Panna and Pencho. All are known for tigers. A jeep safari inside the forest of these famous parks can be a hilarious experience of the wildlife tours in India estimate that you will love for life. Safari nature, walks in the mountains of nature with cultural excursions to nearby places also organized with these famous parks.

The Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park is located in the state of Assam. Kaziranga is famous for one-Horned Rhinos. Other animals can be seen in the park are elephants, bison, deer, the hog deer, the swamp deer, the sloth bear, tigers, leopards, panthers, jungle cats of, langurs caps, Gibbons, Wild Boar, jackals, wild buffalo, lizards to monitor, python, etc.. The park also has the rare species of birds. It is a paradise for lovers of nature that has provided ideal conditions for the survival of a wide range of flora and fauna. The Manas National Park is rich in its flora and fauna. The golden langur, golden cat, the pygmy hog, the fishing cat, Rhino, elephants, leopards Nublo up, Pangolin, and various species of birds can be seen in the park. If you have the desire to explore the scenic charm of the northeast of India and Indian wildlife tours also, welcome to Kaziranga and Manas you.

The sanctuary of wild animals & the Periyar tiger reserve is one of the destination of the wildlife value of the visit in Kerala. It is situated on the banks of a lake. Tourists can see the attractions that appreciate the wild boat ride to the lake. Periyar is famous for tigers and elephants. The playful herds of elephants can be seen on the banks of the lake. The park also has rich vegetation. The sanctuary of the Kumarakom bird, the bird sanctuary of the Salim Ali, the bird sanctuary of the Chilka lake, the park's bird of Bharatpur, etc.. are the famous bird sanctuaries of India known for different species of domestic and migratory birds. Sunderbans in West Bengal is famous national park known for the Bengal tigers real.

Besides these there is increasing use of wild animals in India that can be exploited in the Indian wildlife tours. Almost all of the famous wildlife destinations of India has resources and luxurious accommodation for the accommodation of tourists. Use of wild animals in the provision of excellent accommodation India courtesies with luxury and a wonderful opportunity to experience the wild Indian region.

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