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Kerala, the paradise for travelers is a land famous for its tides tranquil, ancient temples, verdant valleys and vast plantations of cloves of cardamom and coffee. It is a land of coconut embellished with woods and exotic beaches, to press between the Arabian Sea and the dense forests of Western Ghats.

This calm state of south India is also consulted as the country of God because each state has some of the temples exquisitely chiselled as highly revered among the Keralites. Even Kerala is blessed with myriad of culture that are very well maintained by both the state government and people of the state.

Position of Kerala:

Kerala is one of the hot spots of the Honeymooners in India is positioned in the southwest tip of Indian mainland on the Arabian Sea. is limited by the Arabian Sea in the west by Karnataka in the north and northeast and east by Tamil Nadu.

The climate is tropical calm of this state. Weather in Kerala is not the cold that is the main reason behind its emergence as a hot tourist destination.

Charm of Kerala:

Kerala has a unique charisma of its own which is totally different from other Indian States. There is an endless list of hilarious things that can capture your fascination for its beauty. Kerala has a wide range of tourist attractions such as tides, ancient temples, shrines of wild animals, the hill stations, beaches and more things of fascination.

Tides quiet:

This serene state has over 900 km of waterways, rivers and lakes and interconnected entries that are major components of the tides of Kerala. If you do not get the opportunity to visit the city of Venice and walk of Gondolla, than you should come to Kerala have the same experience. Most cities in Kerala SERE as the points start and end of the cruise trips and hosts many famous boat races.

These cities are a mixture of historical and modern world. The Globetrotters in each hole and corner of the world come here to enjoy the scenic beauty of the trip destinations. That are also famous as a hot spot of the moon of honey ideal. Some of the cities famous tides are Cochin in Kerala, Alappuzha, Kasargod, Koller, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Kumarakom, Kuttanad, Thiruvallam, and Thiruvananthapuram.

Exquisitely chiselled temples:

Why Kerala is consulted as fond of the god own country, here you can see many temples exquisitely chiselled that has the ability to turn an atheist into a religious person. The beauty of temples of Keralites is incomparable to the rest of the country. The architectural design of the temples

the state is in accordance with the natural and climatic conditions of the state. Every city of Kerala has at least one or more churches that follow its origins to antiquity. Some of the revered temples of Kerala are the temple of the Padmanabha Swami, temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Trichuris in temple, temple of Sabarimala of Sivagiri of Guruvayoor in Pathanamthitta, Tiruvalla in the temple in the temple Mannarshala in the temple in Alappuzha and Ambalapuzha in more temples.

Salutarmente of the hill stations:

Other sought after more hidden treasures of Kerala are its hill stations of salutarmente. These stations enchanting Nestled in the lap of the mountain of Western Ghats and the blue mountains. The hill stations of the state are the ideal destinations for an encounter with oneself. These features of the mountain are so cool and calm, it will fascinate you by its simplicity certainly. The hill stations of Kerala are home to the vast tea, coffee, the cardamom, the pepper, the vanilla and rubber plantations. Munn, Wayanad, Idukki, Ponmudi, Devikulam, Nelliampathy, Wagamon etc.. are some of the hill stations of Kerala known. These stations of the scenic mountain is the best place for nature photography, trekking, mountain climbing, Birding, the spice tours, cruises etc. the boat on the lake.

Shrines Verdurous wild animals:

Positioned between the dossier lusts of Western Ghats, Kerala has 12 wildlife sanctuaries and 2 of national parks. These sanctuaries for wildlife and national parks have a rich collection of diverse flora and fauna. These homes of rare wild animals have the ability to beckon the nature lover or wildlife of the place far and wide. A tour of the elephant is appropriate to explore the verdurous of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the state. This tour of wild animals makes it possible to get closer to many more wonderful creations of mother nature. Some of luscious sanctuaries and national parks of sanctuary of wild animals are wild animals Pepper, sanctuary of wild animals Neyyar, sanctuary of wild animals Shenduruni, the wildlife sanctuary of Periyar, the wildlife sanctuary of Idduki, sanctuary for animals Chinn of wild, the bird sanctuary of Kadalundi, the bird sanctuary of Thattekad, the bird sanctuary of Kumarakom, Silent Valley National Park, Eravikulam National park and more. These resources of wild animals are apt to that jungle trekking.

Exotic beaches

Among several charming aspects of Kerala, the beaches are one of the main attractions of the state. Kerala has a coastline of 600km long embellished with some exotic beaches and the finest world class, lakes, ports and natural angras protected. These beaches are the favorite features of national and international tourists. The beach of Kovalam, the beach of peoples, the beach of Varkala, a beach in Alappuzha, Cherai beach of the the beach of the fort Kochi, the beach etc.. Kappad are some of the popular beaches blessed with beauty exciting. These beaches are the best place to enjoy a holiday of leisure. But if you are an adventure enthusiast, than you may be given in various water sports such as swimming, diving autonomous, surfing and more.

Treatment of Ayurveda:

Last but not least, the Ayurvedic treatment is another important attraction of Kerala. Ayurveda is an ancient form of treatment, believed to be originated in Kerala. Many holidaymakers come to Kerala with a desire to cure his illness Aid (automatic device of entrance) of ayurveda, which is assumed to be the best way of treatment without submitting to any surgical operations or intaking heavy doses of expensive drugs. Thus, whenever you visit Kerala, not forget to check out the various Ayurvedic centers in the state. Some of the famous center of the Kerala Ayurveda is healthy Rajah acres in the district of Palakkad, Manas Send Sarov Ayurveda in Trivandrum, the beach house of Karakathi in Kovalam etc.

Access to Kerala:

By Air: To help national and international tourists, Kerala has three ports for improved air such as Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode. These same airports international flights also doubles regularly. The international destination which is joined to Kerala and Colombo, Maldives, from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Bahrain, Doha, Ras Al Khaimah, Kuwait, Riyadh, Muscat, Fujairah and Singapore.

By Rail: Every place in Kerala is very well connected among them by the extensive network of Indian railway. Even with the other parts of India. There are nearly 200 train stations in Kerala today. The cast intercity trains connecting Delhi with the four metropolitan cities of the country such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

By Road: An extensive network of roads connects each smooth region of Kerala with each other. The national road 47, 17 and 49 attached to Kerala with rest of the country.

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