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Goa has a perpetual charm. The matchlessness of `s the place is in the fact that creating an amalgamation of indescribable Motley crops, had its innate essence. Goa is certainly a land of imaginings and romanticism, an eternal world of people sensitive, generous and leisurely activity. It is honestly a green paradise lust. Usually the climatic conditions of Goa are moderate, except for times of monsoon, which lasts from June to September. Thanks to the coastal region of Konkani and the environment of Western Ghats, Goa are most often agradávens and sunny. There is no end in temperature and no distinct contrasts of the other station, with the exception of the monsoon.

The average temperature varies between 25 ° C - 30 ° C (67.96F - 81.56F approximately). The average rainfall is about 325cm, the average daily hours of sunlight are nine to ten hours in summer and three to five hours during the monsoon. Winter lasts from late November to mid-February with changes in temperature (3 ° C minimum - maximum 11 ° C).

Geographical position
Goa is located on the west coast of Indian peninsula, known as the coastal belt of Konkani. Goa it was contiguous with the state of Karnataka in southern and eastern limits, the amazing Arabian Sea on the west side and the state of Maharashtra on the north side. Goa is located between latitudes 15 degrees 48, `00 to 14 degrees North 53,` 54 N and longitudes 74 degrees 20 `13 to 73 degrees east to 40 33 the east.

The state of Goa is spread over an area of 3,702 squares. the Km and is divided into two districts North Goa and South Goa - for governmental purposes. The scale of the Sahyadri mountains of Western Ghats has the the highest peak in Goa and maintain some of the largest sanctuaries of wild animals in `s of Goa.

The beach in Goa a long coastal belt of 105 km, it stretches through Konkani Goa is home to spectacular beaches of Goa. The beaches in north Goa are generally employed throughout the year, when the sequestered compared to the south.

Information on travel to Goa
Goa is accessible by air, by train and the bus-bar.

By Air:
Goa has its Dabolim airport, located 4 kilometers from Vasco de Gama Denmark. Goa is well connected by air from Delhi and Mumbai.

By Train:
The roads of iron Konkani operate two daily services to and form Goa. One is the Konkani-Kanyakumari Express, another being Madgaon-Mumbai Express. The train services from Delhi to strict improved with the introduction of Rajdhani express.

Kadamba, the corporation has the carriage of the services that sit Goan doubles all through the city.

Goa by taxi is always more relaxing and expedient. However, Goa has a distinctive concept of the motorcycle taxis, known locally as drivers . This is a service of the pillion passenger, which is pretty fun at the reality and in a faster and a cheaper way to travel from one place to another, particularly when it comes to beaches.

Where to stay in Goa Beach Hotels or others
Options lucrative offers of the various Goa to live in happiness to spend a perfect escape in paradise. Goa, with its sun-kissed beaches idyllic, looking as if sprinkled with gold dust, seduces the even more tourists to spend some time in the seventh heaven, thus offering a range of hotels and restaurants to savour a heart `s for out in ecstasy and pleasure. One is spoiled for choices of varieties of each type of star, of colonial homes, the country houses, budget hotels and economical. The pension of Panaji, the Goa Marriott resort to, the summer resort of the Aguada fort, Seema hotel, office of the Danish summer residence, the `S Calangute of GTDC is some of the hotels in Goa.

Course Guideline
With promises of sparkling beaches, azure waters and the kiss of the sun and the palms, Goa is a tourist destination 365 days a year. So the best time to visit Goa is almost at any time. But to get a glance of Goa in their best clothes, then the middle of July to September and November to mid February would be the right time. Of nationalized banks and a number are confidential in Goa there to take the needs of travelers. The hospitals with modern facilities are also there.

Points of tourists in and around Goa
Goa teemed with Hindu shrines and Christian legendary, massive and imposing in its built, awing to wonder at. Goa is a place of hidden interests in each gap structures legendary. Each building has a story to tell of their own construction, with the extraordinariness and grandness that emoting out the sinews of huge stones, the test of time and devastation of nature.

Where to eat in Goa? Any thing Special
The cuisine of the Goan cuisine of a Goan SERE a-la-carte cosmopolitan, with mouth-watering menus legendary, with many options to the seashore for relishing the food. Goa is abound in the options to show traditional, continental, seafood or the food available at a host of restaurants. The price is also diverse, ranging from success to reasonable, the restaurant budget. With services irresistible, appetizing, a bull can never die out on eating a heart rate of the `s. The simple view of the hot plate, and aromatic fumarento up to a table of some do `s is a weak in the knees. The traveler never faces the difficulty of options to eat all the luck in Goa. Their hovels distinguished from the beach are dishes of various parts of the globe. The banana pancake for the backpackers of the `mark-level is a breakfast staple, as are the French toast, pasta, the favorite Indian-Chinese, the hummus and falafel. The Tandoori chicken is also available from the a-la-carte. Unbeatable But of course, are the gems of the Goan cuisine - chicken cafreal ( `of` the `the cafre or the` Kaffir, denoting its African origins); sorpotel and the vindaloo, both are prepared with pork, and xacuti of meat. The kitchens of Goan also offer a surprising variety of seafood, cooked in delicious. For second-courses, one can choose from a list of bebinca - a multi-layered candy and the caramel cream. In Panaji, it is better not miss the pork chops from the masala in Venite, Street Jan. 31. The restaurant in George, outside the church of the immaculate conception, is legendary for its full of mackerel, sausage and bread to the fish curry. Carvella the use of the fort Aguada `s of the Taj is supervised by head chef famous for Urban and Rego is assombração for musicians on weekends. The Lobo de Souza on the beach in Calangute opened during the 30s and is much loved by generations of Goans. In Margao, the `s of Longuinhos Luis Miranda of the road provides a glance of the Old World Goa. Be the tariff for admirable Goan, when the corner of Martin `s, Betalbatim, is celebrated for its seafood to succulent.

To Buy in Goa
Goan ShoppingTourers can choose from several articles archetypes of Goa, a surprise that also the price appreciably. However, one needs always to be on the safe side to recognize a genuine article of the art, if there is some scope for duped. There are all sorts of things available for each type of person to serir each way. For most tourists, buying in Goa means the direction away from the flea market of Anjuna in north Goa, along the beach south of Anjuna on a Wednesday morning to investigate the sticky through the notch-nacks around the subcontinent. The textile materials of Rajasthan, the thangkas Tibetan silver jewelry and flashy are in huge demand, as are the homemade CD of Goa Trance, the sounds generated by electronic computer that gained a fan that follows around the world. If one is adventurous type, or they can hop on one of the tattoo or body-piercing for the market. The total hippie look can be achieved by buying the jewelry and trinkets of silver, which are available aplenty. In Margao some of the crafts of Johnny `s, near the church of the holy trinity, Benaulim, where you can find features white tiles of blue tiles Goan calls, with reasons for Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish. Emporium in the crafts of Goa in the residence of the tourist hotel, Margao, one can buy terracotta, cotton and sacks of purchase. The best present of Goa is the grandson of cashew nuts and cashew feni of the palm or the fermentation happy place. Both are available from the shops of food and liquor all over the state. One can also opt for the folders of the masala, the vindaloo, masala of the stuffed and mixtures for sorpotel and balchao.

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