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Kerala is now turning to be a 365 days destination for travelers from other parts of india and from around the world. Considering this many hotels and resorts are coming up in different tourist destinations in kerala. Listed below are some of the best hotels & resorts located in different tourist desinations in kerala.

Marari Beach Resort
The Marari Beach Resort is a charming feature perfect for manufacturers of holiday they are looking for a holiday away from day to day mundane. Tourists who want to zero in on a holiday to the beach will find this feature located at the beach of Marari an option really exciting. Tourists love this beach for relaxation, tranquility and the abundance of entertainment that store above.

The Marari Beach Resort covers an area of 55 acres and is famous for its groves of coconut, lotus ponds and in natural settings. This feature captured the spirit of the fisherman 'of the housing is similar to the coastal town. Although the appeal has a basic structure of the hut of the fisherman, still has many modern courtesies to his credit. The feature has many luxurious features that meet the requirements of international tourists. This hit home a wonderful balance between the old and the novel, the traditional and innovative. The guests chose their accommodation tin houses a field of 48 that fall under the criteria of the lining of the pattern and the association. If you want an easy option-fixed price, below the standard rooms are right for you. The rooms offer not only value for money, but cozily is also provided, offering a pleasant holiday. But if you have a more luxurious option in mind, check boxes in the field of coating of the association. Although the use of thatched roofs are in sync with the traditional theme, it still have the room for the air conditioning.

Tourists holidaying at the office of that summer of Marari can dine in one of the specialty restaurants. The buffet in the resort's restaurant specializes in traditional cuisine of Kerala, however SERE cuisines throughout the world. The sea-food restaurant of the resort makes hollow out the sweets of the abundance of sea-food. The fish serido here has a special taste, thanks to the product of ceramic pots in which it is cooked. The distinct flavor of the dishes is made from cooking them in a way in cooked fisherman 'in the kitchen of s. Particular has been taken to provide the guests a healthy and nutritious food. That is why the are the only seriram organic food. When you're at the Marari Beach Resort, grant the center of Ayurveda and give it a rejuvenating holiday.

Travancore Heritage
The legacy of Travancore is a beautiful resort perched on top of a hill. This feature is a luxurious building of heritage that get around 15 acres of land. The best feature is the use which faces the Arabian Sea. Kovalam - the position of the feature is a favorite among locals and tourists. A position so desirable is the brownie points of the appeal. This property of the estate brings alive many wonderful features of days old. Living in the midst of natural vegetables is a delightful way to celebrate your holiday.

The legacy of the former Travancore took the Naalukettu the structure, which was a regular feature in the homes of Olden days. This type of structure with its open courtyard and produces projects fully complement a holiday in the tranquil Kerala. If you are the type of traveler who does not like enclosed spaces and prefers a more open about, then this is the right place for you. The subject of the appeal is very ethnic in nature and withdraw it on time.

A variety of options for accommodation, you can go to one that combines style and his SERE your requirements. You can choose the series of home-field independent and of estate homes. Each room here has a balcony exclusive to your own. The terraces are the perfect place to hang out in the morning. If you can not imagine a holiday with a pool outside the mansion after the association is the right type of accommodation for you. If an exclusive beach holiday, with much time frolicking on the beach or lazing around in your mind is there, the forest block of the beach is a place to stay for you.

Tranquil Plantation
The planting is a quiet comfortable stay home and cut by a lovely relaxing holiday in the hills. The most enchanting feature about planting is that quiet home just 8 rooms, giving you much privacy. This home provides a homely feeling wonderful, the only difference is that the scene traveling at a more exotic. This cozy home stay is located in the picturesque hill station of Wayanad. Something that makes this accommodation that truly fascinates is its desirable climate, green hills and morning blurred. A large species of wildlife and a huge tribal population lends a distinct flavor to your holiday.

One of the most attractive facets of planting is that quiet is built on a theme of Kerala. The floors constructed of wood pink and ethnic furniture that decorates the stay of the rest give a traditional feel to the place full. You can chose to stay inside and enjoy the comforts you can chose or extravagant to go out and enjoy their time too many lovely things they expect to be exploited. If you want an experience that out of the ordinary cheap, check the box of tree. Living in a cottage of the tree is an experience unmatched by very few things combined. The traditional decor, the OS confidential offering beautiful views, comfortable rooms and add to its charm. A swimming pool surrounded by a garden is the crust of ice on the cake. It would be ideal to take a dip in the association and follow it up with a massage of relaxation.

The year 2003 found that staying home to win the best award announced by the Home of stay in Kerala tourism. This prestigious award speaks volumes about the high standard of quality maintained by the rest of the stay. Easily accessible by air, by rail and by road, the rest of the stay is even a heliport to their credit. The winner and Ranjini Dey played wonderful hosts and make sure you get all the comforts you longing for a holiday. The excitement of staying calm is not limited in its interior. Step outside and you will find interesting things to do great all around. A walk in the mountains around the plantations of vanilla, the coffee, cardamom and pepper. If you prefer to have more action, trek up edakkal caves or visit the falls from Meenumutty.

Brunton Boatyard
Brunton Boatyard is a property of the estate that fits the description of an ideal holiday in a luxury traveler. The hotel is devoid of any formal ambiance of a regular hotel. Since Brunton is the hotel is situated in the fort of Cochin event, which is an attraction among tourists. The hotel beautifully captured the essence of the era between the 1st and the 19th century. The hotel which was originally a shipbuilding yard of the Victorian is now operated by CGH. A unique feature of the hotel is the elegant combination of old and contemporary romantic designs that are hot.

The hotel provides accommodation rooms comfortable and well-supplied, 22. Something really attractive about the rooms is that each of them facing the sea. Even the restrooms in the number of share this characteristic. You can choose your accommodation in standard rooms or the series of the port, each catering to the demands of different budget. The series of the port are set comparatively high price and luxuriously made above. The standard rooms, one side is easier. The design of the rooms was influenced by most of the colonial era and, and manufactured products of the era were heavy applications. The entrance of the hotel was built in order to allow the flow of sunlight and breeze. Once you get in the hotel, you can see Punkahs huge fans of Indo-Portuguese origin. All these interesting features together give the hotel a rare appeal.

Brunton Boatyard is a great place for lovers of food, what with the wide range of sweets seriu here. A melting pot of different cultures, you can savour the Portuguese, the Syrian Christian dishes and Anglo-Indian. Aesthetics made above, the warm wood beams and the master of massive teak add charm to the hotel. The grade of the terrace is the place where the guests can taste a commensal in the roast. You can hang out in the bar of the arsenal on the night and have a great stay.

Leela Kovalam
Leela is a five-star hotel situated in the famous beach destination, Kovalam. A main attraction to tourists, Kovalam has an abundance of choices of accommodation for the holiday. If you are looking for luxury hotels, resources or exotic Ayurvedic spa treatment. Kovalam has us all. Leela Kovalam is one such accommodation is extremely popular because of their immense value of the type, supreme quality and immaculate facilities. Covering a large area of 44 acres, Leela Kovalam offers 194 guest rooms and series. Flanked by two beaches on each side, the resort offers views of the beach.

Leela Kovalam notch is very good for a holiday that is rich in peace and tranquility. Since the hotel is operated under the ownership of the famous chain of hotels, the Leela group, ensures up to give him a stay of the first class. The fourth is the demand that almost all the time is the fourth of beach-view. Apart from a view of the beach, with the exception of only one view of the beach, also gives a splendid opportunity to see both the game and the sun rising of the sun. The rooms to be prepared in the hotel offer a great environment to chill out with your group and have a great stay. If you have a propensity to try different varieties of cooking, check out the restaurants here.

The hotel has a lot of facilities in their catalog, each of which is a further addition to the list of exclusive features. The rooms of the interconnection, the smoke detector, and 24 hours of in-room dining facilities that are some of the features that add to your comfort. While Leela Kovalam is loved by tourists for the holiday which offers quiet, has more in its chip. But not all the blandness and peace, the hotel is quite fun stocked up for the pleasure of active research. The weather at the beach can be followed by some action in the groovy dance hall

Windermere Estate Bungalow
The ownership of Windermere, is a cozy house that is located in the scenic place of Munn. Spreading through 60 acres of cardamom plantations in the vicinity of the feature is appealing to your senses. Remain in use offers a great opportunity to admire the holiday of a tea garden and Western Ghats. Manufacturers of the holiday that longing for a break from dust, pollution and the routine of the existence of the city estimate that experience. Tourists love the comfortable and cozy ambiance in the resort. It is a benefit that the family of the planter is located close nearby, you can consult them for information.

Tourists can choose your accommodation from the farm house, the room's view of the valley, the home-field and grower 'rooms of the house of s. The ownership of Windermere offers a variety of choices, each catering to your unique needs. If you are traveling as a large group, it is recommended to go to the home farm. The farm home offers five large bedrooms, a dining area and a balcony to common, making it a great choice for tourists. If you are looking for a theme of Kerala, after the rooms of the valley-coating that are similar to the plantation homes are a safe bet. If you are the type of traveler who is more keen on a confidential accommodation, then the houses of field will be a great choice. These homes feature unique field of six elegant rooms and the large window frames, which is a window to the outside world. You can go to the rooms of grower 'the house of s that come with balconies confidential, common area of seating and large French windows.

The ownership of Windermere has a plethora of options for the lover of food. There is a horde of the restaurant to attract the guest. If you are the type of traveler who lack the food home even when on the move, we recommend you try the food in the upper pine . If the ambiance is your thing attraction, then the Barn with their columns of wood and the fire place is a great choice. Boulder Garden is for the tourist who has a propensity to roasts and grills. One of the most popular eating out in Windermere is the property of the `Hut '. The thatched roofs, wooden blocks and give you a very ethnic charm. This restaurant is designed to look like tribal homes transfers it to a very different ambiance that is foreign to the city-dweller. This resource has an abundance of activities at home to keep tourists entertained. But if you are more keen on outdoor persecution, then there is no shortage of that too. You can take long walks through the plantations of cardamom or tours of the plant to the waterfalls near Attukadu.

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