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Forest half the olive assembly Abu to dry the desert, the dry deciduous forest of Aravali to wetlands tabula Bharatpur, Rajasthan is huge and has a tremendously diverse plant and land, some of which, however, very unfavorable, is home to a great game of Y. And Tiger, and very rare group, a dock. While the desert state of Rajasthan, it is located in the northwest of India, launched a series of foreign country with a pleasant park, fountains, and temples constructed and decorated with surprise, artistic skills, including art galleries, streets and gateways and secret dungeons.

One of the most beautiful of strong Kuchaman is situated on a huge hill 300 meters high, the region of Nagaur, over which was once part of the route of trade in central Asia.

A sign of the beautiful history of Rajasthan, was approved by the dynasty of Gujjar Pratihara in AD 760. Once the site of major battles, strong Kuchaman recognized the indisputable nature: the five doors in a way that is unattainable in life to not be attacked from all directions. The fort is now a pub for 34 quarters, where rooms cost from £ 46 per night.

Jaisalmer, another big real soon, is a city in the desert at the foot of Trikuta, arrogant big fortress, palaces, and (confidential, from time to time in my level of comfort or hotels).

His 12 season strong, like a house of golden sand of the desert, is a masterpiece 's of art. The city, although not an isolated situation, but with and surrounded by hotels, the price is also good for a visit.

To change a cut considerably in Rajasthan, to step aboard the palace on wheels, before preparing the team of regulators from the states of Rajputana and gujrati. A wonderful week, you can use the rite of pomp and splendor of the past in one of the majority of trains in the lust of creation.

A trip to the palace on wheels for the money to the pink majestic, Jaipur, the golden castle of Jaisalmer, the blue city of Jodhpur, Ramthambhor national park, the tower of victory of Chittorgarh nine-story (1440 AD to commemorate Maharani's the victory of its competitors), the romantic city of lakes. Udaipur, the bird at Bharatpur and the Mughal capital, Agra.

It is not the whole story in Rajasthan. If you want, and so there are water sports, one of horseback riding, safaris and the way to see birds, the balloon and glider new attractions for you.

Rajasthan is the best name for the law and all the solemn silence in India and is safe and protected for the course and around the problems, but not by air, by road and the stream of Delhi (260 km) of Agra and Mumbai.

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