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Two copies of the natural beauty - Ooty and Kodaikanal are you brought in our package of Ooty - from Ooty to Kodaikanal. It is an ideal package for Ooty to you is the effort carried out the world busy. The package tour of Ooty and Kodaikanal for ooty involves a detailed visit to such places as the walk in Kodaikanal Lake Brayanpark of Coakar 's of the house of the telescope, the view of green valley, the rock of the column, the bank of the bear falls tour package etc.. it explores the Ooty botanical gardens, the peak Dodabetta, the gardens of Pykara, feathers of Wenlock, and so on. We invite you to get registered in this beautiful package tour of Ooty and have the best season of his life.

The stroll around fumarentos the hills and forests of Ooty or simply blurred caress up between the serene ambience of the Kodaikanal lake there is the much needed seclusion, an aspersion of luxury and an abundance of nature a perfect way-back starts for their honey moon

For a quiet stay and a transient isolated, Ooty is one of the best Honeymoon destinations in India. Breathe the romance, the perfumed winds that merge with the Nilgiris, the tranquil silence interrupted by trees oxidation involved in the enchanting mountain mists wheel.

Nestled in the picturesque hills of the Nilgiris, Ooty or Udhagamandalam is one of the favorite summer escape for south India. One reason for the popularity of Ooty is that not only offers a break from dust and pollution of the city, but gives urban residents a chance to see the purity of nature. The waterfalls cascade connection, the sparkling streams and natural beauty of Ooty as a new offer the tired souls a chance to rediscover the nature.

A typical Indian hill station in many ways, with its funnel-shaped flowers, lavender-blue flowers and eucalyptus balance sheet covering its hills, Ooty love it in their own unique way. This queen of the mountain "bumps posted a spread of exotic botanical gardens and elaborate garden of peak Doddabetta with an incredible panorama of the scales of the Nilgiri hill.

Roam through the clouds of WISPs that arise through the path, breathe in the fresh mountain air and capture the sights and smells, as you walk through meadows of flowers. It is quiet enough for the newly-weds get lost among the silent nature.

Go for a stroll, along with his partner, along the streets of Ooty Catita, catch some of the objects of the fascinating old-Tibetan or drink in the aromas of tea from Nilgiri and oil of eucalyptus.

A seven-hour drive from Ooty take you to Kodaikanal, folded away among the hills of Palan of Tamil Nadu. Glance of vegetation change gradually from dense Eucalyptus, the fields of palm-fringed pillow and finally to plantations interspersed with silver oak splendid. Immerse yourself in a field dotted with wildflowers in magenta and purple. The view of the dam Amaravathi and roar of the cascading waterfall of silver as you conduct after the winding roads to give you a peak at what is below

Buildings with gabled roof that punctuate the skyline and the marked narrowing in the air, greet their arrival in this tiny town of Kodaikanal.

Falls in love with the virginal beauty of the Kodaikanal, where the air is intoxicated, the atmosphere is exciting, unique and tranquility with all the other station of the mountain. The star-shaped lake dominates this Koda the sleepy hill station. Rowing the boat with his partner in a new sheet of sparkling water, fringy the trees creates an enchanting solace that you begged to. Dotted with points of lovely picnic, surrounded by nature, you can immerse themselves in its perfect isolated charm.

Take a walk on the mountain to the falls of the Bear Shola and waterfalls of the valley and drink it in the sight of water cascading connection. Walking along Coaker 's the journey of a narrow track cut in the mountain, falling away into a deep valley on the other side, dotted with bungalows with picture-perfect gardens, which carry a world of serenity and beauty you do forget the squalid and the cacophony of a city is rushing.

For a tranquil atmosphere, the romantic seclusion and precious tender moments, the unpretentious beauty of Ooty and Kodaikanal are the perfect escape for your honeymoon.

Ootacamund or Ooty the queen of resources from South India are a lot of use of the mountain which is 7,349 feet above sea level. Udhagamanalam (the other name for Ooty) spreads over 36 square. the miles and the temperature range of 25 degrees Celsius in summers to near freezing in winters.
This station is famous of the mountain at the junction of Tamil Nadu, the Kerala and Karnataka, three southern states of India. The British founded this hill resort which seemed them as their summer headquarters. Before that time, the area was inhabited by all. These tribal people still inhabit the area, but only around 3000 remain

Ooty Lake: The lake of OOTY points is a tourist favorite for visitors. The lake covers an area of one and one half square miles, with a railroad that runs along a bank. The great cemetery of the church of St. Thomas 's the, built in 1870, overlooks the lake. It has the tallest memorial of Ooty, a huge column topped by a cross on the grave of William Patrick Adam, the governor of Madras Presidency, who died in Ooty in 1881. The boats, paddle boats, or the queuing are available for enthusiasts of the sport boat.

Botanical Gardens: The gardens are in the lower slopes of peak Dodabetta, the highest point in Ooty. The shrubs stapled in the form of elephants with trunks raised, and other animals greet the visitors, all over the gardens. More than a thousand different species of plants that include thirty odd varieties of eucalyptus. The Roman Catholic Cathedral, recently enlarged, can be seen on the road from Charing Cross to the botanical gardens.

The charms of the city
The beauty of the views considered in this picturesque city is simply unlimited. Here you see the splendor of Mother Nature as closely as anyone can. If the time permits, unfold the beauty of Kodaikanal with fascination for a leisurely walk to places like the falling star shaped lake and the fairy that add something special to the already ravishing beauty of this heavenly destination.

Lake formed star
The star-shaped lake or the Kodaikanal Lake is located in the center of the Kodaikanal and is one of the city's main tourist attraction. It is the idea of former Collector, Mr Vere Levinge, which transformed a marshy land exciting star formed in a body of water. The entire lake spread over an area of approximately 60 acres. The lake is surrounded by a variety of trees such as pine and eucalyptus. Apart from enjoying a relaxing view of the lake, you have an option for the courtesy of the club sport of boat or the boat you can Savor a short walk of the horse along the secundárioas activities.

Solar Observatory
Kodaikanal lake, is only 3 kilometers away. It is one of three Solar Observatory in the world that were built over 75 years ago. It is located at an elevation of 2,343 meters is the highest point of the city. You must register for a ticket that shows the program starts an experience of the solar system, surely it is worth the money and time to spend it.

view points
Kodaikanal is famous among travelers for the views flashing glance where you get the most panoramic of the entire lot of Kodaikanal. The best points of view here is point of view of green valley, the rock column, and dolphin 'nose of s. A visit to these points of view and a glance of nature 's the wonder of them may be the best memory you take from here.

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