Monsoon in Kerala

Monsoon the word itself makes a person delight. The smell of dry land intoxicated that gets soaked, the water splash and the tiny paper boats sailing on water that are blocked to the monsoon season favorite in India. After the long months of summer when the heat and dust ruled the poultry, the monsoon is a welcome change. Farmers triumph in the showers that promise to bring prosperity. The monsoon season of the peacock is dancing with joy and the mango flowers bloom. Feel the magic of monsoon work on you too

The monsoon season of rainbow-arches and drops of rain should certainly not be wasted inside. A very special season of the year, the monsoon brings you everything fresh. The washed streets and the fresh leaves seem to smile with you. The monsoon is certainly is get all wrapped in coats of rain, the monsoon time of fun. They get wet, splash and swim or wade through knee deep waters, sailing paper boats of the few small actions that can give you inside. You can try a vacation in the monsoon of Ayurveda too. The best way to rejuvenate your soul and replenish your body, Ayurvedic is a great option for monsoon.

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