Kumarakom Lake Resort

A famous property, Kumarakom Lake Resort is situated on the beautiful country of Kumarakom. Located along the banks of Lake Vembanad make it a great choice for tourists who love the idea of a siege by water. The natural landscape and green, a place built luxurious living in the theme of Kerala, an opportunity to go on a houseboat and cruise the serene ambiance of the few things that lead tourists to this resort.

The use of the lake Kumarakom received major concessions from India 's set of resources for grants of extremely World Travel. This distinction demonstrates the quality and high standard maintained by the supreme appeal. The appeal was also listed among small luxury hotels of the world . Striking a balance between ethnic projects and courtesies more modern, the resort has plenty of attractive features to keep you enamoured. The appeal came as a result be joining many Manas - farms of Kerala in the past. The design reminds you of the use of the structures of ancient Kerala and take it below the nostalgic trip. The action is limited to this many nostalgic moments for those who are familiar with the structure of Olden Kerala. And those who are new to it will find it completely refreshing to the senses. Guests can opt series of presidential, house of field of view of the lake heritage, the houses in the heritage field, the field of housing association and the meandering of luxurious rooms of the pavilion.

The use of the lake Kumarakom aligned the abundance of options for lovers of food. If you have a cuisine of Kerala in mind, in coma Ettukettu 'in the restaurant. You not only get to try out sweets in Kerala in a traditional restaurant built, but there are numerous other options too. Those of you who are sharp in the excavation of some varieties of sea food can eat in the in Vembanad in restaurant. Check out Thattukuda , a snack bar that is inspired from the local tea shops in villages. Munch on some you can taste local and revisit their memories of childhood.

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