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The hotel is located in the south line of India, is the attraction of the state of Kerala. The god happy copied the country, the state has much to be happy agreement of travelers. Tourism of incredible India has announced that the situation in the holiday card. Tourism in Kerala to be launched in Trivandrum. The city has excellent beaches, unusual churches, museum and zoo, as well as the colonial era.

Extends approximately seven, which in turn through the streets and a picturesque canopy of green trees and fresh coconuts. The beach of Shanghumughom and beach of Kovalam is very popular with locals e. The latter is a help with all the facilities and seems to be a popular destination for the day of sightseers.

The closings are an essential part of tourism in Kerala. The palace of Kowdiar, Kanakakunnu of the palace, the palace Koyikkal,

Repositories of the palace and Malika Kuthira of Padmanabhapuram of all forms of life and extraordinary project. National governments still sometimes together with the building of well-dressed Kowdiar.

The experts of the art is the home of art gallery of Sree Chithra a treasure of local art and some diversity of intercontinental flights. The hotel is located in the park is the museum of Napier in a beautiful colonial mansion. A zoo beautiful garden of rock with a wide range of wildlife is an attraction in the same place. Be ready, one day at a party in these sediments.

With the purpose of Kochiin Kerala, Cochin, or as we used to be known, will become a city of energy a little more diverse and vibrant life. There is a joy, rushing up the streets of the signs that something that turns around the bend. Willington, like the whole console, strong Kochi and Mattancherry timeless atmosphere is leading to an increase in visitors from around the world.

Palace of the Netherlands, the Bolghatty palace, Jewish synagogue, the old church of San Francisco and the basilica of Santa Cruz, all with interesting stories and the reality of old friendship.

You can use all the Portuguese, Dutch and even Spanish and French in this ancient land. These influences can be divided in the nuances, cooking, art and architecture intellectuals removed.

Trissur is the enrichment of the state capital. If you live in time as the main Trissur Poor, was happy. Get witnesses, about one hundred elephants in a beautiful old style and very glitziness a temple of the carnival.

It is a sight to see. The cylinders and creating a noise from the ear of mental break before you even get used to his benefit.

Once here, visit the temple of Guruvayoor. The rank of the entry of Hindus, but there is nothing the rest of us for taking this amazing center of the conviction. The Punnathoor Kota is a complex and stable, the rest of a herd of pachyderms to neonates. This is just an appetizer for major Saint of the day that the wait. Once you get used to the weather warm, humid areas of Kerala, you will lose this traditional festival. We both see and do, so make sure you have time on their own to each bite.

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