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Kerala, the home of true serenity and mysticism of the Indian subcontinent, has a strange Hindu mythology associated with it 'the origin of s. According to this mythology much support one thousand years, the sixth Avtaar (incarnata) of Lord Vishnu on earth as Pashurama lowered.

The target was behind the massacre demons evil incarnation. Once Pashuram fought and defeated the demons, that the ax used to slaughter was played in the Arabian Sea, where the ax landed, a ground rose up from the depths of the ocean known as Kerala.

The original inhabitants of the subcontinent were the Dravidians, who are now mainly found in southern India unlike in other parts of the country where corrmoĆ­do and Dravidians were pushed back due to migration to the south-going ARYANA. Dravidians controlled defend and preserve literature, art, and architecture of ancient Hinduism.

Touring Kerala that sends a past as he prepared to make very interesting destination for travelers to explore. The temples of Kerala are a perfect example of perseverance, the temples in Kerala never faced demolition and plunder the hands of Muslim rulers unlike temples in parts of northern countries that were completely ruined.

The characteristic of the most magnificent temples that reflect the architectural style purely Indian and not have any influence of Islamic architecture. Here the temples in Kerala are steep and pointed, covered with a sheet of copper on the conical or pyramidal shape and can hardly see and the dome structure and characteristics as the jali jarokha and the architecture of Mughal.

The smooth walls of mud and lime are meticulously chiselled, cave temples of the rock are also found here. The temple of Ambalapuzha of Kalpathy, thall of the temple, the temple of Chottanikkara, the temple of Guruvayoor, and Thiruvallatem Mangle Devi temple are some typical keralite.

Kerala inherits a rich culture that has developed since thousands of years. The stage of native arts include drama or the Sanskrit theater and art recognized human heritage of UNESCO Kathakali. The music of Carnatic is another feature of this place, which is an amalgamation of various Ragas and talas. Sopanam background is given to perform Kathakali. The performance of the martial art is another example of the rich culture flourishing in Kerala.

Kerala is famous for its relaxing and subtle tides that have been a major tourist attraction. The thousands of tourists who come to this earth for a pretty long experience of fascination in the tides of Kerala. The tides of Alleppey also called the Venice of the east, are the most famous among the other trips to Kottayam in Kerala is another fabulous option in this category of trips to Kerala.

Apart from the temples and tidal, Kerala is a land for many other places as the magnificent sanctuary of wild animals in Periyar where one can navigate through the dense forest that explores the wild and that is the beast in such proximity. Large spreads of plantations in Munn and Kumily are another characteristic of fascination of the God 's have the country of Kerala, for whom land is blessed with flourishing plantations ranging from several spices, rubber, tea and coffee with the aroma healing the environment naturally. The charm and unique flavor of these plantations in Kerala can leave any awestricken with its purity, as a compulsory element of all tour packages to Kerala.

Ayurveda which finds its way back to the original text of the sacred Vedas dating back several thousands of years can be experienced in Kerala. The town of spice is the final destination for Ayurvedic therapy, under the guidance of a professional Ayurvedic where to begin a spiritual experience of discovering the self internal practicing meditation and yoga, and what could be the better place than the beach of Marari where they can have a session of relaxation to heal neutralization of various mental and physical. To purchase the series 's always a good idea to remove some parts of art made of coconut fiber or coconut peel as souvenirs for lovers of food when the kitchen is decorated with lots of spices and coconut, with the value of relishing delicious seafood .

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