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The tidal channel broadcast, golden beaches and exciting landscapes, makes Kerala an ideal destination to explore in India. A better way to enjoy the trip of Kerala is through their trip, that would take it on a memorable trip in a famous and traditional houseboats of Kerala called Kettuvallams .

Built of wood of the jackfruit tree, these boats are tied together with ropes of coconut fiber from many and a waterproof lining made from boiled shells of cashew nut to protect it from the water. These house boats are equipped with modern facilities and are of very high standard. This was revised Kettuvallams artistic luxury houseboats in the world for tourists on the cruise and the floating houses of Coconuts in Kerala to attempt to give you a glance of the original destination of the trip.

The accommodation in these luxurious houseboats in Kerala is simply out of the ordinary price. _ Tastefully provide lavish room, spacious bathroom with 24 hours hot / cold water and other luxury accessories, large seating area, fully equipped kitchen and dining room serve choicest traditional Kerala cuisine, efficient conference facility, emergency and safety provision, mobile connectivity, training and hospitable team of staff and large parking area.

The cruise of houseboat Kerala to take you to some districts and towns of Kerala which attract much bloom on the banks of freshwater lakes of brightness, streams, ponds and canals.

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