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Famous Kerala known as God's own country is the most visited tourists in India. The state is famous for it tranquil beaches, tides enchanting, serene and natural beauty loteia more. Hundred and thousands of tourists from around the world come to this beautiful state of India enjoy the holiday splendor. Most trips to the beauty of Kerala is the main attractions of tourists that never stop trying to visitors with its charming beauty. Enjoy a tour of the house floating on the tides of Kerala and picturesque sign memorable moments of life. There are countless trips in Kerala which provides the opportunity to cross-fascination. Take a cruise on the waters of brightness and are sure you will fall in love with the charming tides.

The tides are the leading man of tourists and the tourism offer of Kerala to enjoy their holidays in the state in a delightful way. There are many picturesque trip in Kerala which are the main attractions for tourists in the state. They come here and enjoy the mesmeric tour the attractions that come across the picturesque cruise on the tides. Some of the most popular destinations in the state of the tides are:

Kumarakom: This is the most popular destination of the oil that provides visitors with many options for leisure. Visitors take a cruise of the memorable trip to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding forest green lust, falls the waterfall, exotic resources, fields of emerald cushion. Offers an ambiance of heaven to visitors. Together with tidal excursions the visitors can also enjoy the massage and spa body of Ayurvedic holistic, fishing and bird observation. The cruise on the houseboat trip provides a different experience of the original excursion trip to Kerala.

Alleppey: Also known as the Venice of the east is the famous trip to Kerala. The tides are surrounded with vegetables, water birds and flowers. Tourists can enjoy the natural beauty and scenic cruising remain memorable in the houseboat in Kerala. The houseboats are components tying planks of wood and bamboo with strings of coconut. The fact the most interesting on the houseboat is not even a single nail is used to build a houseboat. It is also famous for the annual boat race is organized in this destination of trip. The breed's national houseboat that occurs in Alleppey attracts tourists from around the world. Visitors can

Kottayam: A beautiful destination of the trip to provide tourists to explore the natural beauty, the famous temples and churches of Kottayam. The city also has so many of the planting of rubber so it is also known as the land of the letter, of latex and lakes.

Cochin: Cochin also known as Kochi is the most visited destination of the trip to Kerala. The port of Kochi is famous for spices exported to other Western countries. The tide of Kochi is fascinating and provides tourists to enjoy the natural beauty and historical monuments of the city. Passing on the tide of Cochin will give you the delightful experience of tours of the tide of Kerala.

Kasargod: A tide of enchanting destination that offers a magnificent view of the surrounding natural landscape. Tourists from the cruise of the fascinating tide may also enjoy the idea of fields of emerald cushion, the exotic appeal and attraction near Kasargod.

Next to these destinations that tide of Kerala is also famous for palm fringed beaches, the verdant hill stations, sanctuaries for exotic wild animals, dance of Kathakali, the mouthwatering cuisine, tourists etc. visiting this state have a wonderful experience of the holiday. Visit this state to the Kerala houseboat trip, the tour of the wildlife of Kerala, the Kerala tour of the beach, etc.. you certainly get seduced with its fascinating beauty.

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