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The state of Kerala offers wide diversity in all types of fields. Perhaps in no other place in India you can so large a range. Consider the physical aspects that motivate a tourist to visit the state. These are related more to physical relaxation and rest, sporting activities and specific medical treatments. The whole these are connected with bodily health and well being of the individual.

In Kerala the course and tourism received a boost especially after the advent of tourism package. In a state with a large percentage of the expatriate population, the course and tourism experts had the guts to innovate with different kinds of projects and packages for tourism. The tourism package that helped the well being of the physical body had many buyers.

When ayurveda tourism has proved a great success, other forms of tourism are not delayed ago. The medical tourism was introduced due to the runaway success of tourism in ayurveda. Along with that dental tourism is also making a new entry. The main attraction of the packages that are associated with physical relaxation and rest is one, courtesy of the world class tourism is being made available to a visitor at a fraction of the cost charged in the developed world.

Almost all the prominent super specialty hospitals in the state now offer medical services of the class of the world. For a tourist on a visit to the state as part of a package of medical tourism, the hospital offers five courtesies of the star along with medical attention and that too the local costs. Some of the specialty hospitals that offer a group of medical solutions under one roof.

In the majority of examples, the popularity of the hospital increases with the pass word and not through advertisements. When a client is satisfied with the medical attention and care given to him, will certainly further about it. It is the best form of promoting people to people of any cost to the institution. This happened repeatedly at many health centers in Kerala. Maximum during the season of tourism, the prominent of the super specialty hospitals in the state are registered to capacity with more than line the waiting list.

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