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Because the God 's own country expect to be soaked in the rain, the players in the tourism industry are trying to beckon visitors with a plethora of packages to enjoy the season of monsoon. Highlighting aspects of monsoon enchanting, the organization of tourism in Wayanad (WTO) launched aspersion with an eye on the tourists who love rain. The July 3-11 event comprises a mix of activities inside and outdoors. The country carrying the transplantation of the pad, ploughing, locking the crab, ride the elephant, hunting for treasure, soccer and biking in the mud wet time are some of the programs stop. Tourists also get a feel of Kerala 's the rich culture, its varied forms of dance as Mohiniattam of Kathakali, and also of Theyyans of tribal dances. Visitors also get a taste of local cuisine. The monsoon is also apt to the moment of Ayurvedic treatments and is being offered to visitors who longing for rejuvenation. The records are mainly of domestic tourists from Delhi, from Hyderabad and Chennai. Packages of rejuvenation and treatment of Panchakarma are all on offer to tourists, who are mainly IT professionals, begging for the relief effort.

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The monsoon of tourism, promoting off-season tourism in Kerala, is showing positive signs with more domestic tourists to meet him. The tourist season started off last year and had tremendous impact in the tourism sector with industry that works for the entire year. After removal, the tourism industry is slowly catching and monsoon is likely to bring in more tourists to areas of the mountain and forest. Tomy Pulikkattil group of Pulikkattil said the investigations began to spill into the safety aspects of the tide of tourism during the monsoon. This year it is expected that there will be 50 percent less business for houseboats in Kerala. If there is no rain in the monsoon of tourism will be a great failure. A tour package to enjoy the rain on the tides, forests and even in rough seas during this season can attract more tourists. There are even some rare species of plants that flourish during the rainy season. The government should take more initiatives to promote tourism in the off-season so that there is a round - year of business, Pulikkattil added. The secretary Vancheeswaran organization of tourism in Wayanad (WTO) said the organization had begun agressivelmente promote tourism in mountainous areas. There is a tremendous response from domestic tourists, who want to enjoy the rain in Kerala. The monsoon of tourism can be a success only if the traveler who appreciates the rain in Kerala do not forget the experience when you see or feel the rain. To ensure this, the customer should get value for their money and the carnival of Wayanad scheduled June 3 to 11 will be the first of its kind to attract tourists to Kerala, Vancheeswaran said. The N Sivasankar director of tourism is of the view that the ideal flow during the season, April to October the tourist will be more. The state government began massive campaign targeting the domestic tourists this season.

Visit to plan you monsoon tour in kerala.

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