Kerala Monsoon Ayurveda

Has ayurvedic centers and ayurvedic spas in kerala hit by the current global economic slowdown? According to reports, ayurveda tourism in kerala has been affected by the economic downturn. Considering that the monsoon is the best season for ayurvedic treatments, tourist arrivals at ayurvedic spas across Kerala and the ayurveda tourism sector is foreseeing at least 30-40% drop in income in this season of monsoon.

As per many ayurvedic experts monsoon (June-September) is the best season for rejuvenation therapy and several conditions during the season makes it most receptive to herbal oils and massage. Considering the number of travelers arrived in kerala during monsoon last year the number of tourists who come for wellness treatment at the Ayurvedic centers in the hotels in 2009 has declined but there is no dip in numbers of chronic patients coming for the traditional Ayurvedic treatment offered by the best hands in ayurveda. Due to dwindling number of visitors, many spas and treatment centers which had sprung up overnight and have started closing down. There has been about fifty percent fall in arrival of the visitors which has forced many spas and centres to raise treatment costs.

Even during the downtime we are offering different kerala ayurveda packages in association with several ayurvedic resorts at the most affordable costs. We do recommend ayurveda treatments and therapies during monsoon season and are being offered at the most affordable rates. Contact us if you want a customized kerala monsoon ayurveda package.

Kerala Ayurveda

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