India is a country that offers a wide range of fascinating theme of the holiday chosen. The holiday house of the boat in recent years acquired immense popularity in the tourism sector. Holidaying in the house majestic boats, tourists will have an original and hovers around slowly. Home game of the boat usually a bivalent. As a human being living and vacation homes for tourists. In India, home of the boat is used mostly for the purposes of holiday tourists.

Kerala and Kashmir are the two states where the boat house is used extensively for the purpose of holiday tourists. The state was both blessed with lot of natural beauty. Kashmir is known for powerful Himalaya. The snow covered the mountain terrain and majestic always attracted the large number of travelers to this state of fascination. Kerala on the other hand is famous for beaches and tide sensual. The state is lust green tropical rainforest also blessed.

This small state of India is one of the most frequented places. Every year tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful state. There are of course many attractions that bring the tourists to Kerala. The state has a long coastline and swelling of some ravishing beaches. Equally charismatic are the tropical rainforests of the state. The various stations of the Western Ghat mountain in the current high is simply impressive.

Part of the tides of Kerala, with many houseboats, attract the many tourists.
The boat house in Kerala is completely original and is known as Kettuvalloms. Alongside the impressive view, these house boats are eco-friendly and are components of the poles of bamboo, the coconut fiber, the ropes, mats of bamboo, the carpets etc. These vessels of healthy home today for the purpose of leisure but during the days Olden used for commercial purposes.

Facilities offered
Most of the boat house measured 80 feet in length and is cantilevered on several trips. These house boats have all the facilities a modern hotel provides. Rooms around well supplied, modern toilets, comfortable living room, a kitchen and even counter to laze. Each boat house is supported by a group including the cook, the guide and oarsman. Some of the houseboats are luxurious facilities of air condition. Each room has attached bathrooms of the compartment of the wardrobe and luggage. The coatings of security are also available on most houseboats. The fishing rods, painting, sketch of the cushions and the system of music is also available in many of these houseboats.

Because these boats are at home through various lakes, visitors to the lakes and rivers get the chance to see many incredible inland. This trip also gives tourists the opportunity to experience the rural villages of Kerala and it felt close to mother nature. Through the green tropical forests in the slow boat from home can simply be exciting. In light of night with bright moon of the visitors can enjoy the excellent idea of the areas. Lazing at the counter of the boat house, tourists can count stars and have some special moments with your close. Especially for the boat house of the newly wedded pair in a holiday trip to Kerala will be simply unforgettable experience.

The destinations covered
This boat tour of the house passes through many amazing destinations of the state as Kollar, Alappuzha, Kumarakom, Kochi etc. There are many routes on which these houses floating cross and the most popular cruise is the Kollam Alappuzha.

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