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The arrogance of Goa beach and tropical force-free make it an elegant place of destination of the anniversary, with a degree of commitment from all oo later.

The icon delicious Goa in many foreigners who come in search of sun, sand, sea and road to the poisoning of the team division. Many are scared to see that Goa is not a place but in fact less than India and majestic released. It was a colony of Portugal until 1961 and remains a strong influence of the Portuguese.

The coast of Goa about 100, and offers everything from remote beaches to the upper parts of the magnificent bluff, full of shops Y. The Assistant to the north or the south are, the more cooling stage. Selecting the best place to stay, and depending on the type of experience they want.

Highly - developed Baga and Calangute, and almost half of Goa, but in the north, are more commercial. These beaches attract a large number of tourist packages of entertainment and water enthusiasts. If lazing on a day when all employees of the cocktail table or end as the cold beer Reyes are your idea of joy, you do not need more than Calangute and Baga.

The only problem you will have to decide is it the beach, just because they are wall to wall with the options. Any attempt or a favorite! If you like that with good food and wine, movement of Baga and Calangute restaurants attractions of the class.

Arambol in the north and the far distant Palol, beaches of Goa is remote. These beaches are in rĂ pida contemporary admiration for years and are favorites of backpackers, the Ceasefire and peace and quiet away from the masses.

Anjuna, once the home of hippys legendary market in Goa and on Wednesday the host offers a good concentration and reduction of incidents. When the expansion as shown right, can get the atmosphere more relaxed. Vagator and Chapora, a minor addition to the coast of Anjuna is also relatively quiet but vivid scenes.

There is no doubt that the best nightlife in Goa is polar. Largest in the city are all around Calangute. The Cuban Club in Arpora, Club of the West End is Saliago, Tito and Mambo are Baga, Anjuna is home to Paridiso and the bar has nine Vagator.

Meanwhile, the bohemian days of the infamous and the surpluses are 70 books of the law later in the night crying, delegation considered.

Goa refused the dream, but now with most of the bars of her late at night and leave before the firing pulse inexpugnable the date between the 10:30 and dawn.

The flea market of the beach of Anjuna has a size and attracts people around the state. Now has more than 500 papers and is still emerging.

After a day as part of their way to Curlio the beach in the south end of the beach and the sunset is a riot.

When a market is not enough for you, the night of the bazaar at Arpora Saturday is also a social matter. This is not just a market but a place like the cabaret.

An audience of 15,000 is normal in the evening, not only buy, but in a good stay. Here you can feed the verifier eclectic, to enjoy a drink and live music overall.

If you can pull to enjoy the beach and the sea of warm moist air, Goa also has a view of the value of beautiful views. The waterfalls, calm, rice field remarkable houses of pale and washed mending its destination. Rent a car or a motorcycle, and Carter and look in on R & R.

Goa is also with the rest of India by the plan, the bar-bus and the train. However, the bar-bus is slow and uncomfortable, so you should probably take the train.

Trains on the railway in Konkani, the coldness of Goa to Mumbai in less than 10, with the best conscience Konkankanya Express. The majority of trains stop at Margao (Madgaon), Goa, which is the main train station. Some, like Konkankanya expressed, is in other seasons too.

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